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Kbizsoft Solutions is the leading Mobile Application Development and Digital marketing Company in India with the Head-Office at Chandigarh. Incorporated in the year 2012 we help businesses worldwide, to upgrade and become more productive with our team of experienced website designers, developers and digital strategists. Through our bespoke result-driven solutions we deliver measurable outcomes that empower our clients.

As a Application Development Company, we are known for creating intelligent and user friendly applications for businesses of all shapes and size. We’re in trend with the latest technology so when your customers change their online footprint we can swiftly move with them. With the help of intensive research and by understanding social trends we quickly formulate a digital strategy, which places your business in front of people you count. We’re passionate as we establish your identity online by capturing unique brand and by using the power of internet to grow your influence in your industry.

Raj Sharma

Managing Director & Founder

We are a club of passionate where people have big dreams and enthusiasm to work together to come as the BEST across the globe. They bring their talent to the table to resolve critical issues, creativity, and develop smart solutions. We evolve with time and always work cohesively with our clients to turn their dreams into reality. If you find us exactly as you need, feel free to call us.

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Web Application Development

Mobile App Development

Lamp Technology

Node.js and MongoDB

Ecommerce Development and & Migration

Digital Marketing – SEO/PPC/SMM

UI/UX Design

Web Design

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Meet our Leadership

Kbizsoft Solution‘ was founded by a group of gifted creative individuals with a big-picture vision and a thorough analytical inclination who created the company’s strong foundation.

Raj Sharma

Founder & CEO

“A Plethora of hands-on firefighting experience and hard work is required to succeed in the IT arena. But to navigate the ever-changing realities of business and technology, great leaders often credit soft talents and the correct mentality.”

Priya Sharma

Director and Operation Head Manager

“The assets of IT success are deep experience with technical tools and procedures. But to achieve a top IT position, effective leadership, people management, and teamwork abilities can make a real difference”

Why Kbizsoft – A Company You Can Trust

Kbizsoft believes in walking with their clients step-by-step to turn their dreams into reality. We do this since we have years of experience, and our strong team is dedicated to that ensuring project success.

  • Flexible Hiring Model
  • Pre-Vetted Certified Developers
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Verified project management
  • Global Work Experience
  • Proven Work Portfolio
  • Excellent Communication Skills

Life At Kbizsoft

Innovation, testing, and building inclusive business models are not only the assets of our success. Our work culture stands apart from other companies since we celebrate every festival with great fun, so we feel rejuvenated and work like a pro.

Kbiz at work

Our Kbizsoft’s consistent devotion, creativity, and happiness are our greatest assets.

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