What we offer

We provide full service software products, from web designing to web development and post-launch software maintenance.

At Kbizsoft, we have created tailored solutions for clients ranging from initial-phase startups to established businesses. But it’s our approach to managing project success that sets us unique.

Web Development

Recruit good talent who will go above and beyond to create a world-class online application for you. From the technical backend to the attractive frontend and throughout the continuing optimization, we have got your web development requirements covered – regardless of how easy or complex, they may be. We will assign a team specifically for your project and a technical lead monitors that team, ensuring that the final product satisfies your expectations and requirements.

Build an app with Python/Django

Start your creating web applications with the assistance of our Python expertise. Python and its most popular framework-Django permit for building of different sorts of apps quickly and efficiently. With Django, you may bring together your website like Lego which is a time-saving way to build new apps and grow actual usability.

Power the front-end with React

React is a JavaScript library for creating web app frontends. It enables reusable UI elements such as buttons, checkboxes, and dropdowns. The component-based structure of React allows you to design apps faster while also making it easier to manage and grow your codebase. We will make sure your React app runs well as well.

Develop a Progressive Web App

If you want to make your users engaged with your product on smartphones, it is not necessary to build a mobile app. Progressive web applications or PWAs are an ingenious way of boosting user engagement and growing your customer base. Our team works exclusively on responsive and lightweight progressive web applications that can send push notifications, load quicker, and so on.

Mobile App Development

Have a mobile app written in Swift or Objective-C for iOS and Kotlin or Java for Android that runs seamlessly and has a beautiful interface. We can also assist you in saving money by developing an app for both platforms at the same time, using Flutter, Google’s framework. We will assist you in developing a user-friendly, high-performing, and encrypted mobile application. Likewise, we will support and maintain your app when it’s out.

Build a native app for iOS

Several tycoons deliver their products on the iOS platforms first, and for an appropriate reason. iOS’s applications generate better revenue than Android applications. To build a mobile application, we will work on discovery sessions to identify your target audience and business objectives. After this, we will build UI/UX design and begin coding. You will get updated features weekly.

Build a native app for Android

Google Play is a great place to launch a product. We have a lot of experience creating custom, stable, and good functional apps ready to become a hit instantly on the Google Play Store. We can port your current iOS application to Android, and design an engaging UI following Google’s material design rules. Not only this, but we also develop applications for Android tablets and wearable devices.

Build a cross-platform app

Present-day frameworks for cross-platform apps permit you to design apps for the cost of one. Up to 80% of the source code we create using Flutter gets shared for each iOS and Android platform. With this strategy, you can acquire a quicker time to market and can economize on software development.

UX / UI Design

Produce the ultimate user experience possible for whatever screen size and device. We understand the significance of an attractive user interface. That’s why we offer top-notch UX/UI designs that will be enjoyed by your users. Our core idea is to solve user and business issues while also making the experience of making your product enjoyable. Our fundamental guidance in building amazing products is the Design Thinking process, which has a human-centered core.

Create prototypes

In UX/UI design, a prototype is our first and most valuable result. It’s a visual depiction of all the effort that’s gone before; UX research, preliminary interface mockups, and user flows. You can try it out, explore the various elements, and observe the workflow. A prototype is a visual representation of your product that can be improved over time.

Conceptualize the style

When we determine that a prototype creates a required result, we resume our design process. But this time with an emphasis on style, colors, tabs, typefaces, buttons, lists, icons, breadcrumbs- all play an important part. We create user interfaces that are not only relevant to your target audience but also open and equal to everyone.

Build user interface

We go into an iterative process of research and prototyping for creating a final user interface design. Our main goal is to produce designs that will excite and appeal to your users. We make sure that the interface’s elements are easy to find, comprehend, and interact with. At this point, you will have an interactive prototype that’s ready to code.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a crucial business tool for promoting products and services on digital channels that evolved into essential business mediums, utilizing digital technology at various levels. Our dedicated team of experts will do everything possible to assist you in achieving your marketing objectives. We provide the best digital marketing services and value to all of our clients, allowing us to form long-term relationships with them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We work together to ensure that our clients and their target audiences are on the same page and speak the same language. Whether you are primary clients or want to stay out of the weeds, your SEO is backed by actual data and real experts who understand your business and situation.

Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Increase your visibility and connect with new customers on social media. We have a team of dedicated social media marketers who are always up-to-date on the latest social media marketing trends. Based on your business goals, ensuring appropriate platforms and target market, we plan the right tactics for excellent results.

PPC and Email Marketing

You want your customers to search for you. We offer smart, automated campaigns that boost ROI, increase click-through, and bring you in front of your target audience. And we assist clients with the distribution of informative and relevant content-created to entice and retain a defined intended audience, and finally drive customer action.

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