Cross-Platform App Development Services


The requirement of accessibility and the integration of any in demand app on desired platforms is not new (iOS and Android), but in recent times it has been increased at a rapid pace. Earlier, each brand used to develop their own software and application for their dedicated platform only. But now the increasing competition has changed the whole scenario. According to recent market fluctuations, enterprises are focusing more on hustling for a space in the mobile app world. Once they have it, then they think about and reach out to an excessive number of users in one time. Priorities have been changed in this dynamic marketplace, but if you want good conversions then you have to opt for it.

A Favourite Platform to Invest for Enterprises

It is because multiplatform development providers deliver enriched user experience with multi-platform compatibility of mobile web apps. Because of trade-offs with native development and mobile web approaches the cross-development application has been getting a huge acceptance globally. The dynamic nature of the IT market field also tells us about the unclear future, whereas the cross-platform apps provide us a middle way to achieve success in the unfavorable conditions.

According to Gartner research by 2018 more than 60% of mobile apps have already used a cross-platform development strategy. The research also talks about the enterprises that are having extreme pressure from the employees to management to develop cross-platform apps in order to be a part of the BYOD movement, which ultimately increases customer engagement.


 Why Opt for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services?


Being an entrepreneur you would know that today’s community has to think across multiple devices for any mobile app they want to create. With the dynamic nature of the software development field and to unite the technology pattern it is necessary to believe in advancements and innovations. You can’t forget the living example of Nokia, which is still struggling to come over.

The following are some basic reasons to explore why you should opt for Cross-Platform mobile development services.

  •  No doubt, by practicing this you will be able to penetrate a bigger market.
  • This hybrid app development technique assures enterprises better code maintainability, because of the single code base.
  • Cross-platform app development generally revolves around in HTML, Javascript, and CSS, C# for .NET programming languages, which provides effective framework space.
  • Because of being able to get compiled in native code (aka Appcelerator) its integration level reaches the height for deployment on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.
  • Also, the latest multi-platform mobile development tools give support to the hardware of various other mobile companies’ products to cater to their requirements or needs.


That’s how we Develop your Dream App

However, there are various frameworks and tools open to using in the industry to build some of the greatest cross-platform apps. But KbizSoft believes in delivering the best.

Here you go with our tools with its reason why we believe in them to deliver the best and long-lasting results.

  • Xamarin –  By sharing 75% of code across all mobile platforms (iOS, Windows, Android) Xamarin is the most widely used app development platform by enterprises. The use of C# to build apps also enables developers to run automated tests for mobile apps and monitor app performance.

  • PhoneGap / Apache Cordova –  PhoneGap is one of those web applications, which is packaged in a native application container. In it, each operation is dealt with by JavaScript through a device-level APIs. Moreover, PhoneGap developers have full freedom to use platforms like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

  • Appcelerator’s Titanium –  The USP of Appcelerator that always made us use it is its unified JavaScript API which can be integrated with the native platform, which ultimately allows us to access all related features of the platform. Basically, Titanium developers write JavaScript codes by using the alloy of MVC framework for reusing ht native UI components, which also helps to improve the performance of the cross-platform dedicated application development.

  • We also have some other tools in use like Sencha, Adobe Air, but selecting and working on these tools requires a lot of experience in the field, which we carry along with our dedicated programmers and creative developers.

    And our team not only has experienced people, but it also encompasses experience in developing enterprise-grade mobile applications, which ensures you to get the expected ROI for your invested capital. Hence, our group is termed as the best cross platform app development company.

    Why Choose Kbizsoft for Software Solutions:

  • Because we have experience in multiple development frameworks like Xamarin, PhoneGap & Titanium.
  • We are Deployed in multiple cross-platform apps in iOS & Android App stores.
  • With Strong web technology & mobile experience, we are able to deliver more than your expectations.
  • In this dynamic environment, we can give you a quick turnaround time with agile development.
  • Moreover, we can strengthen and embrace your mobile strategy stronger by building high-quality cross-platform mobile apps, which will be ready for their functioning on all major platforms.

  • What are you waiting for? To build cross-platform mobile apps and make your business bigger, contact us now.

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