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Cross-Platform Technologies We Use

Tools and Frameworks

Flutter, React Native
Xamarin.Forms & Xamarin.Native
Titanium, Kotlin Multiplatform


Android Studio, Xcode, Titanium Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, MS Visual Studio
Xamarin studio


OrmLight, Realm, Arrow, SQLite.NET

Design Patterns

MVC, MVP, MVVM, Clean Architechture, Observer, BLoC, Riverpod


Firebase, Google SDK
Facebook SDK, RxJava, Isolator
MvvmCross, Adobe Mobile Services SDK
AppsFlyer, Google Analytics & Ads, Alamofire



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Technologies we work with

  • Cross-platform

  • Ionic 2

  • React

  • Flutter

  • Swift

  • AngularJS2

  • AngularJS2

  • AngularJS2

  • PHP

  • WordPress

  • Drupal

  • Magento

  • NodeJS

  • Ruby

  • Zencart

  • Magento


  • Voice and Phone Verification -Nexmo

  • Braintree & PayPal

  • Stripe

  • EWallets

  • MongoDB

  • Hbase

  • Cassandra

  • PostgreSQL

  • MailChimp Integration

  • SQLite

  • MySQL

  • Microsoft SQL

  • AWS

  • Google

  • Azure

  • AWS

  • Google

  • Azure

  • Azure

  • BotMan

  • Amazon Lex

  • Facebook Messenger Platform

  • Telegram Bot API

  • Socket.IO

  • WebSocket Live Chat

  • VoIP

  • DrupalChat (Drupal)

  • Larasocial

  • Web Instant Messenger

  • FCChat Widget

  • BLOGCHAT (WordPress)

  • Laravel Echo (Laravel)

  • XMPP

  • Google Maps

  • Google Places API

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn APIs

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Frequently Asked Questionse

Once you’ve decided you need a mobile solution that would work seamlessly across multiple platforms, you should choose a reliable software development partner. After that, the process of building a hybrid app will take several easy and transparent steps. They will include collecting and analyzing product requirements, agile development, quality assurance, and deployment.

Besides, you’ll have to choose the right tech stack to create your hybrid application. There are various alternatives equally good for this purpose. Depending on your initial goals and needs, a development team will advise you which frameworks and programming languages will ensure the best performance and usability of your future app.

Cross-platform mobile app development is an approach that enables creating a mobile solution simultaneously for different platforms. It’s a good alternative to native mobile app development if your time and budget are limited. This approach requires just one team experienced in JavaScript, .NET, or C# to build your cross-platform mobile app for iOS, Android, or Windows.

In general, if you want to bring your mobile app to market faster, reach a wider audience, and deliver a unified look and feel across multiple OSs, a cross-platform development strategy is the right choice. It also provides other advantages like a simplified process or a vast array of development tools.

Additionally, don’t forget that you can approach cross-platform mobile app creation by outsourcing to an outside development company or building in-house. It all depends on the capabilities your internal team has and how quickly you want to see the end result.

The core difference between the two approaches is that you build a native app separately for each particular operating system using platform-specific development tools. At the same time, hybrid apps are created with the use of a single code base and run seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Among other major differences are better performance, speed, and user experience of native apps, while hybrid apps are easy to update and require less development time and cost.

A development team working on a cross-platform application should have extensive expertise in JavaScript, .NET, or C#. With a high level of competence in these programming languages, they can effectively use such cross-platform technologies as React Native, Flutter, Titanium, or Xamarin frameworks that simplify making a UI and achieving a flawless UX.

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