How Hackers Trying To Sneak Into WordPress Website. Tips To Make You Site Secure

How Hackers Trying To Sneak Into WordPress Website. Tips To Make You Site Secure

Tips To Make Your WordPress Website Secure

Is your website getting hacked? Do you want to know how to recover hacked WordPress website?

WordPress is the most popular and powerful Content Management system to create websites, that’s why it is heavily targeted by hackers, because of its popularity WordPress is target of Hackers looking to take over pieces of your site for their own benefit.

So the most common WordPress errors and the Fix are as follows:

Before updating your next post on WordPress make sure you have read out all the errors of WordPress here with the solutions.

The Problem: Syntax Error

The Fix: The parse error syntax error in WordPress isn’t a common error, and it typically occurs through a mistake made by the user. Syntax errors are connected with code omission or wrong code syntax. When any unexpected thing found in the code, you can see this type of phrase error with the location and the line number of the script where the error occurred:

Phrase error-syntax error, unexpected $end in

/public_html/site1/wp-content/themes/my-theme/functions.php on line 278

Often missing curly bracket, missing a semicolon at the end of an individual line or some unexpected character in the code causes a syntax error.

A better way is to check locally before updating it to a live website. Taking a backup of websites before implementing any changes are the best to deal.

The Problem: Internal Server Error

The Fix: Often you will see an error that reads “Internal Server Error” or “500 Internal Server Error”. this most confusing WordPress error is catchall error messages that signify some problem with your server.

Possibilities of causing this error are wide and there is no indication where you should check for the error. Here are some of the methods to fix this issue.

  • The corrupted.htaccess file can be one of the reasons of internal server error. Login to your website using FTP and by renaming your .htaccess_old. After renaming the file, try to reload your website to confirm if the issue has been solved. If the problem has been solved then visit Setting>Permalinks and reset your permalinks. This will create a new.htaccess file for you.
  • Sometimes there can be a plugin issue. So deactivate all the plugins to check if the issue was caused due to plugin. So, it’s better to deactivate all the plugins at once to find out which plugin is causing trouble. Further, you can activate each plugin one by one to see which plugin was responsible for the issue.
  • Increase the PHP memory limit as insufficient memory can be one the reason behind internal syntax errors. The way through which you can increase the limit of the available memory is: open the file using FTP and add the following line define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIt’,’128M’)
  • If it still causes issues and you are unable to figure out then it’s wise to re-upload the core files, which are in the folders named WP-includes and WP-admin. It might fix your problem if it’s related to the core files.
  • Call your host provider to help you out if all the above mentioned methods failed to solve the issue.

The Problem: Establishing a Database Connection Error

The Fix: There are few reasons when the database does not respond or login credentials refuses to connect to a database. These issues are often being experienced by various WordPress development companies.

Methods to solve includes

Checking your database login details.

Checking wp-config.php file containing all the login details that are required to make a connection such as the database name, username,password and server. Make sure that your database credentials match with the credentials that are within cPanel. If the credentials are same then add a line of code by defining(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’,true);into wp-config.php file, Access http://www.yoursite.som/wp-admin/maint/repair.php to check the settings. Once you are done, be sure to remove the line from wp-config.php.

The Problem: White Screen

The Fix: The plain white screen with no message that appears in the screen is for WordPress users while blue screen is for Windows user. This means nothing and you have no clue where to look and what to fix. The fix of this issue is:

  • Insufficient memory limit can be one of the reason behind it. Make sure you have increased the memory space.
  • Turn of all plugins
  • As theme can also be responsible for the issue, so try to switch your theme to the default theme to solve the issue.
  • Change the debug mode from false to true. As it displays output warnings, error etc. These can turn to help you identify the exact hitch.

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