How to use Instagram for Shopify to grow your sale Channel

How to use Instagram for Shopify to grow your sale Channel

How to use Instagram for Shopify store to grow sale

The popularity of instagram has escalated over the past some years, and trust me it not going to slow down any soon. Instagram has evolved a lot in the past few years by introducing most of the new features like brilliant photo filters etc at a fast rate making it more profitable for merchants and other users.

Instagram’s budding popularity, huge user engagement and ease in integrations with all the e commerce platforms makes it one of the most censorious marketing and sales tool for your business with a lot of potential to get you the first class sale. As instagram is one of the highest foresee sales channels for merchants it provides you with a super occupied user base and product friendly feeds from people all around.

Let’s talk about ecommerce!
If merchants want to keep their customers engaged, they need to keep up with them, and using instagram as one of the helping hands will only be add on to their brand. Instagram has shoved off all the limits by integrating new and different applications with an out bursting infrastructure, allowing the brand to reach to its relevant customers.

Let’s analyze how your business can be benefited from instagram!

But first of all!

Why to use instagram for sales and marketing?
Instagram has become a major part for many ecommerce business campaigns as it has a humongous audience who are very much happy to engage themselves with new brands and resulting in more of the overall customer engagement. People are happily following and buying different brands on instagram which is considered to be a huge success. Isn’t it!

“Swipe Up” links are also considered to be a huge success as it helps to directly deviate the traffic to your website, which was considered to be a tough job for other platforms. Platform like these keeps on expanding making markets more valuable, especially if you have a strong visual appeal of the product.

Optimize your instagram profile
The basics are very simple like setting up your profile, fill your details, use a keyword optimization in your descriptions and upload a logo and its ready to be used. But apart from this instagram has introduced some more features that can bring you great profits to your business profiles! Include some of the following to get a head start

  • Clickable-hash tags
    Focussing on adding the branded hash tags would help you get the relevant customers, add some clickable hash tags to your profile descriptions.
  • Clickable links
    Add clickable links to other profiles in your profile is one of the options! You can use direct traffic if you do have other similar profiles. Clickable links can also be used to deviate people to your profile that fits well with your brand.
  • Highlighting your story
    By highlighting your story you can add your expired story to your profile which can be easily viewed by the traffic. These feed helps your profile to show the key contents of your brand.

Regular posting of the content
You must post your content few times a day. If you are posting it with in a gap of 2 hours, then also it is a good habit! Posting good image content can be exceptionally beneficial for your sales. Select your time to post for your specific customers. But keep in mind to test the results before you move forward.

Authenticity Matters
It’s a great platform to show your creative side. Inculcate different pictures and videos to tell everyone about your brand and the product.

Tips for photos
Don’t be hasty about how to get customer’s attention! All you can do is to water mark your images with your own domain name. While uploading images never ever put your water mark in the corners as they can be cropped while you upload them . Take a look before uploading!

Go Live
Broadcast your stories from your device to engage your followers in the real time, Host contests about various topics to keep your users engaged and influence them to participate in your work! Once your live broadcasting is over, you can easily put that into your highlighted story to be viewed!

Final words!
Instagram is a platform that every entrepreneur should be adding to their marketing techniques just in case if they haven’t still applied it as it is one of the entertaining and eye catching platform! Embrace different features of instagram and use it as it will only benefit your business. All you need is to post content regularly for all kinds of customers so as to engage all of your audience. It must be quite a job, but after the results will blow your mind away!
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