Development with Bubble: A Complete Guide is here!

Development with Bubble: A Complete Guide is here!

We all want to start our website or an app, and might you have a great idea in your mind as well. But all we stop when it comes to coding. This is why Bubble exists in the market and gaining a huge response from folks. 

With Bubble, you just say goodbye to coding and develop the app of your choice. In addition to this, Bubble is the best in the market, and we are saying this because we have used it and made incredible apps without touching the line of coding. 

We know the customer’s requirements and their tantrums which sometimes can’t be possible with CRM to solve, but Bubble stands you out from the crowd. With this guide, we have chosen to show you why Bubble is the best no coding tool for app development.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Bubble App?

A bubble is the leading no coding web development app. It lets you create interactive, desktop, mobile users, and multi-user apps without the need for an expert. Bubble provides you with all the features you need to build powerful sites like Airbnb or Facebook. Also, it is a fully customizable app that alters your choices the way you want.  

Besides this, Bubble also offers cloud hosting and point-and-click web editor platforms that allow users to find the customizable app with easy workflows. So it is not just a digital product, but it is a complete technology that helps you change your world of yours. 

Here are its some incredible features:

  • Pixel perfect designs
  • Robust and scalable Infrastructure
  • Total design freedom
  • Develop engaged customer base digital products
  • Share the workload with the team

What can we Build with Bubble?

If you have a digital startup idea and looking is this possible with Bubble, here we have enlisted the types of apps you can build with Bubble. 

  • Custom marketplace
  • Social network app
  • Booking app
  • Personal finance tools
  • Community sites
  • Review sites
  • Internal marketing tool
  • Food delivery apps
  • Job portals
  • Educational tools 

The list will never come to an end. In a nutshell, you can create and build the app of your choice without worrying about coding. However, if you need bubble web development help, Kbizsoft solutions is here to support you. We have a team of professionals that build numerous apps with Bubble. 

3 Reasons Why Bubble Is The Best No-Code Tool

Let us go in-depth and learn why Bubble is the best medium to create interactive applications and sites for your customers. 

  • Speed

Speed always plays a crucial role when it comes to building digital products, especially when they are new to the market. If you have a business idea, then surely you want to validate it as soon as possible. This is why Bubble is the best to catch. 

Moreover, you would not only get access to many templates, but you would also site up your site and run it quickly with no coding knowledge. 

  • Updated Content 

Another best aspect of choosing a bubble development app is the user can easily update the content of his/her website that was built by someone. 

Additionally, there are no sleeping curves; if you know about Google sheet or Excel, the Bubble will work as a simple pie for you to maintain everything. Plus, it provides a user-friendly program that gives you peace of mind. 

  • Power

The bubble is simply the powerful no-code tool. It is easy to use and come with additional features that you need to make your website specifically the best in the market. With this, you can create pages, customize images and video backgrounds, and more. Also, it is featured with API that helps you come up with an amazing digital product. 

How to Develop App with Bubble?

You can build any stunning app with Bubble. Here we are sharing an example of the Trivia app. So, let’s see how you can do it. 

Step 1- Register your account on Bubble

This will kick-start your project. However, when building your own trivia app, you will be aware of core pages such as:

  • Category creation page
  • Question creation page
  • Home page
  • Question page

Step 2- Configure the database

Once you have checked out the display of your product, you can easily focus on creating all the necessary data fields that power your application. A bubble pre-built database makes things easy and creates unique fields. 

Following data types and fields need to be created such as:

Category – title

Questions – list of questions

Data Type: Question

Question – content

Category – category

Answers – list of answers

Data Type: Answers


Original- question-question

Is-correct- yes/no

Step 3- Build workflows

Now, you have structured the design and database of the application. It’s time to work together and make your app functional. With Bubble, you can do this with workflows, and it happens when the event occurs. 

Step 4- Create a new trivia category

Next is creating the new trivia category, and it comprises lots of questions. On the create category page, you will add simple text and button elements. When this element is clicked, you will trigger the first workflow. So, every time the workflow runs, a new category will be created. 

Step 5- Create a new question

From the drop-down list, you can create a new question. You should configure the data or content to be it a category. Next, you will set the data source to display all the categories within the database. 

Once creating your questions, your next step is to add the answer for the current question and then link them back with previous questions. 

Step 6- Send data between the pages

After creating both the categories of question and answer, it’s time to build the front-face experience for the users, so they can engage. 

Step 7- Display Trivia Question

When the user landed on the page, your trivia question must display on the screen. Next, you will add a repeating group and only this time you will set the content type to be answered. 

Step 8- Marking an Answer 

Once the answer is triggered, the next step is to find the answer is correct or not. Here you can use icon elements that can display whether the answer is correct or not. For this workflow, we will set this condition to workflow= “Yes” or “No.”

The Bottom Line

So, this is all we have to say about Bubble. It is true with Bubble; you do not need to stress about coding. However, if you need support in creating sites and apps, then taking assistance from a professional bubble app developer is a good move.