YouTube Gets a New “BHM” Logo Every Week First Time in 12 years – Here’s Why?

YouTube is the world’s second most visited website in the world where approximately 30 million worldwide users visit this site on a daily basis. Now if you are one of those 30 million daily users then you might have also visited this site on Monday i.e. 1st February 2021. If yes, then undoubtedly you must have noticed the unfamiliar logo displayed by YouTube on this day. This new logo symbolizes Black History Month (BHM) as announced by the company representing the Black Artists as they will re-imagine the new logo of YouTube every week of February.  Though today’s logo change is the most significant in YouTube’s history, it’s not a complete transformation, like the morphing of Uber’s silver U into a backward C. “It’s an evolution, not a revolution,” says Bettig.

BHM - YouTube Logo

Now following this concept for the whole month, YouTube will again display this Black History Month (BHM) YouTube new logo being created and interpreted by a Brazil-based artist who is known by the name of Leandro Assis for further adoring the site’s homepage during the start of every week of this February Month. This new design of the YouTube logo suggested by Leandro Assis also carries the familiar ‘Red Play Button’ along with the stylish letter text of BHM ultimately replacing the standard YouTube text.

YouTube Mobile Icon

Appreciating the Great Work by Black Artists:

Here it’s not only the logos that will be displayed on the YouTube homepage but the Balck Artists work will also be displayed on the profile page of the site. By saying profile page, we mean to say the artists’ work will be uploaded on the YouTube channel of the official site. The banner work which has been provided by Leandro Assis is looking like a delightful collage of the colorful alphabets representing the illustrated stickers and powerful symbols as well.  Meanwhile, the Google homepage and Chrome New Tab page today have a link to Google’s efforts “Celebrating Black history makers, pioneers and future leaders.”

Celebrating black history month February

The Inspiration:

For providing the source of inspiration for creating such an amazing piece of work, Leandro Assis took this to YouTube and mentioned it in a blog post where he simply introduced his new BHM project. Further, he described the black people around him as his inspiration who literally reflect the importance of their unique hairstyles, their dancing styles, their musical rhythms, and their different but beautiful skin tones as well.

Apart from this, YouTube itself has provided that during the whole February month which is considered as Black History Month (BHM) they are going to celebrate the Black stories, cultures, and unique voices as well which all have contributed to the innovation and creativity for the YouTube site as well as for the whole world. They are going to host the exciting activities which are already planned and have been started during the start of this month. Here they are also going to recognize and highlight the influential black guest artists who will be sharing their creativity regarding the black community as what it means to them.

Overwhelming Initiative by YouTube:

The logo replacement by YouTube is not a new style as it has already been experimented with by various big brands like Coca Cola and Kit /Kat as well. But of course, the effort made by YouTube new logo is much more appreciable than ever before as it’s not only helping the viewers for discovering & exploring the great artwork provided by black artists but it has also provided one of the greatest public platforms in this world to these kinds of beautiful artists. And here we are eagerly waiting for another great work which is going to be displayed on YouTube at the start of the coming week.

YouTube BHM logo on Mobile

If this YouTube campaign has also inspired you well then you can start improving your digital illustrating game now. And if you are already fond of doing the drawing and sketching artwork, then directly go for your iPad and apple pencil and start it right now.

YouTube is now experimenting with a new approach to mobile browsing that also helps in SEO for mobile devices in 2021.  YouTube says the change was inspired by our multitude of devices; the new logo is more adaptable for different screen sizes.

Stay tuned with our weekly recap of what’s hot & cool happening in the day to day technology.

How SEO Strategy Evolve in 2021 | SEO Tips to Boost Traffic

Are you willing to learn the crucial trends to mark your presence online? Just go through this resolute dossier to find the top SEO trends in 2021.

30-second Summary:

  • Technology is getting advanced at a rapid pace and so do the progress in the SEO sector. This means you have to be prepared for 2021.
  • Google has already announced 2 major algorithm updates in 2021.
  • You must have seen some SEO trends in the year 2020. Yes, we are talking about UX SEO and feature snippets. They are going to become even more prominent in the upcoming year.

There was a time when advertising and communication were limited to traditional methods but with the internet, things have changed a lot. These days the internet is not only an essential communication tool but a top marketing platform. Online advertising has crossed a mark of 400 billion dollars a year. This is even more than the TV ad industry.

Moreover, the global pandemic further fueled it and forced many companies to go online. So you can imagine what we can expect from SEO in the year 2021? What are the trends that are going to rule the market in 2021? What are the major changes that can impact SEO?

Google AI

Well, let us discuss this all in detail.

Direct Changes to Search Engine: When it comes to SEO, it is dependent on the search engines. Here Google is the primary search engine. This means any change to Google’s algorithm or priorities will have a direct impact on SEO in 2021. This means if the industry goes slightly off the mark, there will be a billion-dollar loss. So it becomes crucial to be aware of the changes.

  1. Page Experience [May 2021]: Page experience is one of the prominent ranking factors on Google. The page experience is all about the feelings of visitors that they experience after visiting your web page. It is determined on the basis of a multitude of attributes from mobile-friendliness, safe browsing, HTTPS, and many other things.

Although these are already ranking factors, they are more institutionalized. They work within the page experience framework.

Moreover, Google is further adding Core Web Vitals as a part of the page experience. They are going to determine the quality of the user experience. They are going to measure the loading speed, interactivity, visual stability, and much more.

Now you must be wondering what this visual stability is all about. Well, visual stability is about shifting and jumping of the layout. This is adopted by Google to provide high-quality and more engaging content. This means a website with a high page experience score is going to load faster, will be more attractive, stable, mobile-friendly, and more secure. It means it will ultimately provide users with the rich experience that they are looking for.

Grab a Place in Top Stories without AMP:

You must have seen non-AMP content struggling to find a place in the top stories features for mobile phones. Well, this new page experience ranking framework is going to make even non-AMP content appear in the top stories feature.

It is the prominent way that helps websites to drive traffic to their content from mobile. It means this factor is going to disrupt the overall rankings of a lot of websites on smartphones. This means the month of May is going to be the month of SEO specialists.

So, you are advised to remain ready for the dramatic change that is going to influence your business a lot. This is so because it is not possible to measure its real impact in advance, you can only go with calculations to get an idea.

  1. Mobile-First Indexing [March 2021]:

Mobile-first Indexing may seem new to you but it is not. Google has been using it for a long time. Mobile-first indexing is all about indexing the mobile version of the website initially in Google Databases instead of the desktop version. This is going to accurately gauge the amount of content on mobile sites and their relevance and that too before coming up with the results on the screen.

This was basically introduced to counter serious trouble. The thing was, a large number of people were using their smartphones to search the stuff. They were browsing the net a lot. Now when it comes to the mobile version and the desktop version, they don’t match up in the content. This is where the problem arises as Google used to index only one version and this version is the Desktop version.

Thus it causes a mismatch between the rankings on the mobile and the content that is available on these pages. Now as the usage of smartphones was increasing at an alarming rate. To counter this problem Google comes up with Mobile-first indexing.

It was a massive step for Google to switch from entirely desktop-first indexing to mobile-first indexing. So this change couldn’t be made overnight. This is the reason why Google takes its time to implement this change. It all begins with permitting webmasters to change their desktop indexing to mobile indexing. Then mobile-first was made the default option for crawling new websites.

If we talk about the final and latest updates, we are going to see it in the month of March 2021. This will be the time when Google will begin the process of mobile-first indexing as a default option for all websites. This means the indexing of your website and the content that is considered good right now is probable to change in the month of March.

It is hard to estimate to what extent it is going to bring that change. But yes you can expect some instability.

As we know Google is known for taking matters like this, seriously. This is why some basic guidelines are published in advance. This is to ensure that the transaction to mobile-first indexing will go on smoothly.

  • You should make sure that your website’s content is visible to Google crawlers and bots.
  • Do not forget to fill out the relevant meta tags on both desktop and mobile.


The version of landing Pages:

  • Enable lazy loading. This will ensure that your mobile website will load rapidly.
  • Avoid blocking any relevant mobile-specific URLs in the robots.txt file.
  • You should at least have identical primary content on both versions. Although it is difficult to have identical content, this is going to help you a lot.
  • Do not forget to check the alt tag of both image and video embeds.


SEO Trends:

It is good to have wider SEO trends in 2021. This is so because specific updates to the algorithm are different things. But you must have some prior information about some wider trends. These trends should be in the sector that is going to make a change in how actually we engage with SEO how Search Engine Optimization is important for business websites. Some of the trends that we are talking about are already present. The only difference is, they are accelerating now. There are even some that are new.

  1. Voice Search: Voice search is something that has revolutionized the way searches were made earlier. It is becoming more and more prominent. Haven’t you heard of Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and so on? You must be using them. Isn’t it?

If we go with the data, voice search revenue is going to rise up to 40 billion dollars by 2022. This means traditional SEO trends in 2021 can expect huge challenges in the upcoming months. But you can also use it in your favor. All you need to do is to use a different approach to capitalize on this emerging SEO arena. This is so because in voice searches, earning that first position is more crucial as compared to the traditional text searches.

Voice search

  1. Featured Snippets and Microdata: Google is going to bring more featured snippets. to its homepage. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about recipes or news or tutorial, you are going to get all. The basic purpose of these snippets is to aid in searching. This means you are going to get faster search results. This will also help in keeping traffic on Google’s website.

This also provides websites with an opportunity to be featured. This means more traffic to the website.

We are not saying that being featured means you are going to get exponential growth in the traffic. But as data from Ahrefs shows that there is the significant importance of the same. If we talk about the averages, then being featured means you are going to get around 8.6% CTR. On the other hand, this CTR rises to 19.6% of the traffic for top natural results.

This figure is extremely impressive. It shows the power of the featured snippet that steals a substantial amount of clicks and that too from the top position. But one thing that you are required to take care of is, to monitor your ranking and readjust your snippet. It also includes the process of optimization for more clicks.

Featured snippets on Google

  1. Non-textual content: You must have seen the internet saturated with blogs and landing pages. This is making it difficult to rank for noteworthy keywords with decent traffic. This is the reason why SEO agencies from around the world are trying to expand their reach. They are diversifying the content that they are producing and publishing.

On the other hand, when it comes to engagement and rankings, the role of infographics comes into play. But the promising frontier that is going to pay in 2021 seems to be Videos. It doesn’t matter whether they are uploaded on YouTube or are embedded in your website.  You are going to get more traffic from YouTube views that are less saturated than Google’s traditional search engine.

Moreover, YouTube generates more than $15 billion for Google each year.  So it is that platform which you can’t ignore.

There are also some video snippets on SERPs that you can only rank for through the video content. Here you need to know that these video snippets are prominent on search queries that begin with “how-to”, in the case of tutorials and other educational content.

  1. UX SEO: 

This is the era where SEO is an intricate subject. It is an amalgamation of expertise from different fields. It doesn’t matter whether it’s marketing, software engineering, creative writing, and so on. All are equally important to get the desired results. But the recent trend that is gaining significant attention is the UX SEO framework.

UX SEO is all about optimization of the user experience of a website that is basically done to increase engagement and conversion rate. This thing matters a lot because it is not only about attracting regular visitors but their engagement is the factor that is going to drive sales. When it comes to UX SEO, it is going to provide you with the framework that will aid you in achieving all this.


You must know that Google made more than 3600 changes to its algorithms on a yearly basis. Moreover, this volatile sector is accompanied by new trends that only a few were able to predict. It means you need to be with the latest updates on a continuous basis. Reading articles on the trends alone is not going to pay. This is going to be a tough task to win the market competition. You must know what experts are telling you about the upcoming trends. You must have pre-planning to counter the change if it takes place in the future. This is going to help you a lot with SEO strategies that will bring the desired results.

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5 Best Alternatives for Google Plus Users

When it comes to advertising and business growth, Google Plus comes to mind. But since the time this social media platform started closing its doors, consumers are heading towards another option. They are on a hunt for an option that matches the features, traffic, and other SEO benefits.

Well, the good news is, there are a lot of replacements for Google Plus.

So if you are really looking for alternatives to Google Plus or what we generally called G+ to grow your business, just go through this resolute dossier on the same.

What was Google Plus and what was the reason for its Shut Down?

Google Plus was basically the 4th attempt by Google to build a social media network. Some of its predecessors are Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, and Orkut.

During the initial phase, this platform got massive success with 395 million active accounts in the year 2016. This was the time when Facebook started seeing this network as a threat. But within a short span of time, it lost its importance.

This was due to the reason that you have to use a Google Plus account for a longer period of time to use features like Google Photos, Hangouts, YouTube, etc. This makes most of the users use Google Plus only for the purpose of accessing Google photos, YouTube, or so on.

Another reason for its shutdown was a data breach. There was a big glitch that allowed even 3rd party apps to access the private information of about 500,000 Google Plus users.

5 Social Media Platforms are capable enough to replace Google Plus when it comes to the Local Businesses

When it comes to a replacement, there is no perfect match to Google Plus but yes, depending upon your business requirement you can go with either a single platform or all that are listed below.

  1. Google My Business:

Google My Business (GMB) provides you with information about your business’ operating information, reviews, and much more. This will help you appear as a business profile and on Google Maps. It doesn’t matter whether someone is using a mobile or desktop you will be visible.  It means when the user will search for a brand like yours, the business profile will appear like the one shown in the image.

Google Business Listing


On Google Maps the business profile will be like


Google Business Street view

Business profile on Mobile will be like


Google Business on Mobile

Although this information will be on your website, GMB will help you index the content. It also shares it with a broader audience. This will boost search result rankings, revenue, and other valuable insights related to consumers.

Why is Google My Business considered a better replacement for Google Plus?


This is so because it is more than just an online local business directory. It is loaded with various social features.

The audience can tap “+ Follow” under listing on mobile-first and receive updates from your business. You can also use this feature to send a “Welcome Offer”.

Moreover, it is loaded with other features like Reviews and a Q&A section. This will help you in building a stronger trust factor with your audience.

How to Use Google My Business?


    • Highlight the information related to your business. It includes opening hours, closing hours, website, products, menus, location, etc.
    • You can use the GMB dashboard to see the queries that your audience is using to find your business. You can also see a breakdown of actions and what is the performance of your profile as compared to others in the same category.
    • You can boost your local SEO by going through an optimization process. The keywords will make you rank higher in local search results.


2. Facebook for Local Business


Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks in the world with 2.7 billion monthly active users. It is also one of the biggest business tools.

Why has Facebook emerged as a Good Replacement for Google Plus?

When it comes to building an online community for the success of your brand there is no match to Facebook.

You can use various options presented by Facebook like Groups and Business Pages to your advantage.

Haven’t you seen various Facebook ads about Magento eCommerce store, Shopify Apps, oncoming sales and discounts on various eCommerce platforms, and so on? This is what certified Shopify experts or Magento experts do and this is what draws sales.

This is so because more than 1.4 billion people are using Facebook Groups every month.  On the other hand, you can use Facebook Business Pages to get some advanced features like reviews, instant messaging, automated replies, analytics, and so on. You can also go with paid Facebook ads to improve your results.

How to Use Facebook?


  • Create a Facebook group and share exclusive offers on the Facebook page.
  • Share information like your location, contact details, websites, and much more.
  • Go for regular events.
  • Provide 24X7 instant customer care support.
  • Use reviews in your favor.
  • Go for Feedback, directly.


3. LinkedIn for Local Businesses

When it comes to professionalism, there is no match for LinkedIn. It is one of the best alternatives to Google Plus. With more than 722 million users, LinkedIn has become one of the top social media sites.

Although there are some who are using LinkedIn actively. When used correctly it helps to generate leads and carries the power to establish you as an industry thought leader.

Why LinkedIn Is a Good Replacement for Google+?

Circles, yes we are talking about “Circles” which are one of the best features on Google Plus. You can easily create different Circles and add people to them. This will aid you in the segmentation during updates and will help you to keep your professional life separate from your business life.

It also lets you connect with your co-workers and share content to boost your brand.

How to Use LinkedIn?


  • Join industry or niche LinkedIn groups to connect with people. This will help you in establishing your brand.
  • Start sharing updates and opinions related to your brand or business.
  • Take the help of your 1st-degree connections to connect with 2nd or 3rd-degree connections.
  • Do not forget to publish articles on the LinkedIn pulse with actionable content.

4. Pinterest for Local Businesses

If you own a visually appealing eCommerce brand then you can go with Pinterest. This is so because Pinterest is having more than 367 million users.

This means you are going to bring your brand in front of those audiences who are sitting down there and are ready to spend anytime you show them the product of their interest.

Why Pinterest is seen in the form of better Replacement to Google Plus


Pinterest as alternative to Google Business


When it comes to boosting sales, Pinterest leads Google Plus which was most commonly known for sharing updates and creating a community.

Pinterest first rolls out buyable pins followed by promoted pins. Thus it encourages the audience to take action on feeds’ inspirational content. It is one of the favorite platforms for females and youngsters.

One thing you need to take care of is, as the site is a visual search engine, so your brand must have that element to shine. If your brand fails to match niche interests and demographics, it might not prove to be a replacement that you are actually looking for.

How to Use Pinterest?


  • Use SEO to optimize your profile, boards, Pins, etc. This will boost your brand’s visibility.
  • Go with visually appealing pins to get more users to click-through.
  • Activate those pins that are rich and make them shoppable. This will help you with conversions.
  • Use tools like Tailwind. This will help you to pin at the best times and will bring more engagement
  • Do not forget to invest in Pinterest ads.

5. Instagram for Local Businesses

When it comes to trending social media platforms the name of Instagram can’t be ignored.

With more than 1158 million active users Instagram has emerged as one of the top platforms for building relations and bonding. It is also one of the effective platforms for expanding business. It is capable enough to give a boom to your business as it has more of a young generation on its platform.

Why is Instagram a better replacement to Google Plus?


Instagram as Alternative to Google Plus

If we generally made a comparison between Google Plus and Instagram then Instagram has a lot more to offer in addition to Google Plus.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s about uploading photos, multi-person instant messaging, Video calls, location tagging, and so on, Instagram has it all.

In addition to this, Instagram has more added Shoppable Features and ads that can help you in the growth of your business. Moreover features like Reels and Instagram IG makes it more favorable. It is a boon for eCommerce. This is the reason why Magento Certified Developers, Shopify experts, and other experts from different eCommerce platforms are in favor of Instagram.

How to Use Instagram?


  • Begin with creating a content calendar for your feed posts, IG Lives, IGTV, Reels, etc.
  • Add stories on a daily basis to stay on top.
  • Go for hashtag research to find terms that your ideal customers are using.
  • Go with targeted ads to boost sales.
  • Collaboration with brands is the key to increasing sales.
  • Use storytelling techniques to the fullest in your captions.
  • Photography is the key. The quality of the photo matters a lot.
  • It is good to go with highly shareable pieces of content.


How these alternatives to Google Plus can aid you in your Local Business?


Do you still carry some doubts in your mind regarding these alternatives? No worries here are some benefits of using these alternatives.

Create Brand Awareness and Get Recognition

You can easily spread words about your business using social media networks. It’s all about showing up online. The more you do it, the more benefit you will earn.

Increase Local Business Traffic

You can use social media platforms to promote your blogs. This is so because content marketing is all about attracting the audience. You can even go with YouTube videos to remain in front of your audience all the time.

Use analytics to Improve your Marketing

You can take the help of some platforms that offer you some analytics. You can use analytics to increase both your customers and sales.

For this, you can take the help of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Provide Unique Customer Service

If you really want to grow your business, you have to provide a rich user experience. The more care you take of your customers and the more quickly you solve their problems, the more interest they will show in your platform.

For this, you can go with Facebook to solve complaints on an early basis. This will help you to build a solid relationship with your customers.


You must have realized by now that there is no exact duplicate to Google Plus. But there are many options available that you can use to your advantage. The alternatives that have been provided to you over here will not only help you to achieve the results that you are looking for but they come with additional features.

The additional features will not only help you to do your task easily and rapidly but will also aid you in getting better results.

Google Mobile-First Indexing Best Practices You Need To Know in 2021

Mobile-first indexing means that Google is principally using the mobile version of the content for the purpose of ranking and indexing which previously was using only the desktop version of sites.

We are living in a world that is trending towards mobile technology where the quantity of internet mobile usage has overtaken the overall usage of desktop internet usage during these last five years. So, it’s very obvious for Google to support the mobile version of sites for ranking and indexing content as more people have switched their focus from desktop screens to mobile pages.

So, here in this ultimate guide, you are going to find how you can check whether Google has swapped your site to the mobile-first indexing or not. And if it hasn’t done this yet then how can you organize it by yourself.


Have you Switched to Mobile-First Indexing?


It was 2016 when Google made its first announcement about shifting its desktop site algorithms towards the Mobile-First Indexing. During that time, Google has also released that today; most people are browsing Google from their mobile devices.

So, from that time only, they have started rolling out mobile-first indexing for many sites. And by the end of March 2021, Google has planned that they are officially going to Prepare for Mobile-first Indexing for every single website. This means that Google’s indexing from March 2021 onward will be provided for mobile sites only.

Further, here I am going to provide you more detailed timeline about Mobile-first indexing:

November 2016 – In November 2016, mobile-first indexing was introduced for the first time by Google and being approved for some sites.

March 2018 – Mobile-first indexing was officially announced by Google.

December 2018 – More than 50% of crawled websites were rolled out to Mobile-first indexing.

July 2019 – New Websites were provided with default Mobile-first indexing from 1st July 2019 onward.

March 2020 – Now the data of Mobile-first indexing for crawled websites has increased up to 70%. They had also announced at that time that mobile-first indexing would be used for every site by September 2020.

July 2020 – the procedure of switching to mobile-first indexing for 100 websites was being stopped due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic situation.

March 2021 – Aim of launching 100% Mobile-first indexing by the end of March 2021 with uncertainty.

Here, as per the latest released facts by Google, more than 70% of the websites have already switched to Mobile-first Indexing by the end of March 2020.

For switching the index of your website to the mobile version, firstly your website is required to be responsive. Now if your website is built either in WordPress, Magento, Shopify, or in any other platform then your site is likely to be responsive. So, here your website will be autonomously switched to the mobile version of the index by Google itself. Further, if we talk about Shopify, then here the majority of Shopify themes are mobile responsive. This means if you are using a Shopify theme then your website will look the same on the mobile screen as it appears on the desktop screen by autonomously reorganizing the theme as per the size of the mobile screen.

You can also review this by yourself using the Google Research Console to check whether you are one of that 70% of website owners who have switched to Mobile-first indexing or not. And for reviewing this, you can simply go to ‘Settings’ and then move to the ‘About’ section where they will identify the Crawler for your website and will inform you if your website has been switched to Mobile-First Indexing or not. Now if you have already switched then they will also provide when it happened.

Google Search console

Here, if you have found that your website is still featuring the desktop index instead of mobile indexing then it may have happened because of the complex coding used for creating your website. Whatever be the reason for this, you still are required to switch your site to mobile-indexing rather than desktop indexing otherwise you are definitely going to face some troubles in the future while ranking your website on Google.


Prepare for Mobile-First Indexing: 


First of all, I would like to make it clear that there is no different index separately available for desktop websites or mobile sites. Google has only one index which is slowly shifting from the desktop version to the mobile version of sites. This is basically a major concern because the content which you are not able to see currently on the mobile version of your screen will further not be available on google after it has been completely switched to the Mobile-first indexing.

As we have already discussed above, if you are having a responsive website then this is not going to be an issue for your site but having a complex website would be troubling for you. Apart from this, people who are having m-dot sites are also going to face trouble when Google has completely shifted its indexing towards the mobile version of sites.

Now, further here I am going to provide you some key point for your websites which you are certainly required to check for the smooth transition between desktop version to the mobile version:

  • Technical Checks
  • Keep important content
  • Navigation and links


Technical Checks:


First of all, if you are a certified Shopify developer or expert in some other technology as well, then make it certain that the various technical elements of your website are placed right for the mobile version of your website. For ensuring this, you can simply create an account on Google Webmaster Tools then crawl your website here. When you do this, your website will be eventually crawled on this site with the help of desktop user-agent tools. In simple words, you can understand it as here you are going to check how your website will appear on the desktop version of the screen which you can simply change by going to the ‘Crawl Settings’ tab during setting up your project or in another way, simply go to the ‘Project Settings’ and update the user-agent to mobile from desktop.

Here we would like to advise you to first crawl your website for the desktop version using the user-agent tool and then go for checking the mobile version. This is because we provide you here with a feature where you can easily check the comparison of both i.e. desktop version of your site as well as the mobile version of your site. So, you can easily examine the changes that have occurred and any kind of issues if they have arisen during the switching procedure. Now here we are mainly talking about the issues which you are facing right now while using the mobile version but they were not present at all during the desktop version of your site.

webmaster tool

When you are going to click on any issue, then there is an option of ‘Show Changes’ which will highlight the changes that occurred when you click on it.

Google search console noindex page

You can turn-wise click on any of the issues number New, Added, or Removed for checking Google Search Console where you need to find ‘Enhancements’, then ‘Core Web Vitals’ and finally go to the ‘Mobile’ option.

Google search console - core web vitals mobile page

Ads, Pop-ups, and Interstitials: 


You can check all these manually on your website using the mobile version of your screen. Here one thing which you need to double-check is whether you have too many interstitials when users interact with your site and how much screen they are covering when they appear in front of it. Here you can also check a few guidelines for interstitial which Google has provided to Help users easily accessing the content from the mobile version of the site.


Mobile Indexing Best Practices: 


The popular and best practices in Mobile Indexing are Tap Targets, Text Size, and Padding, etc. Now here you can get quick information on all these by directly going to the ‘Google Search Console’ then ‘Enhancements’ and then ‘Mobile Usability’. Further, you can also go through a test provided by Google named as Mobile-Friendly.

mobile usability


Further, you can also check this ultimate guide on Mobile-first Indexing Best Practices provided by Google.

Here if you have separate versions of your site for both desktop and mobile platforms, then you might have to ditch the mobile (m.) version of your site because your desktop version site will eventually start operating well on the mobile screen as well when Google will completely switch its ranking and indexing to the mobile-first indexing. The other way to handle the mobile (m.) version of your site is either you can make it responsive or you can add one conditional logic in your website code which eventually redirects your users to the desktop version of your site. Overall the mobile (m.) website code is complicated so here we would like to suggest you completely ditch the code as your desktop version of your site will be eventually switched to the mobile version by google itself.


Keep Important Content:


Here when you open a site on your desktop screen as well on your mobile screen then you obviously see a huge difference based on their screen size. As the mobile screen is smaller in size so you are not able to see all the content like you see on your desktop screen. Further, there is no additional space for the menu buttons or sidebars so it becomes appropriate to exclude the few contents displayed on the desktop sites.

Now the content present on the mobile version of your site isn’t required to look alike the desktop version of your site but it’s recommended to choose the most valuable content for displaying on the mobile version of your site.

Here if you are an expert in whatever technology, either you are a Certified Magento Developer or Shopify expert or other, here few things can be easily excluded like email opt-ins which is absolutely not going to be a big deal for SEO people but hiding other important things would create a bad image concerning your site among your audience.

Further, if the content didn’t appear by default on the mobile version of your site then ultimately it would be considered as less than visible. So, for making content more visible for your site as per the small screen of mobile devices, somewhat you will be needed to update the design of your site where you can choose options like tabbed content. Here for creating a better user experience, Google does not discount the content hidden.

We have observed that various e-commerce sites are performing really well after using these design elements which are able to provide various informational details such as frequently asked questions, required product details, existing user’s feedback, etc. when requested by the users.


Links and Navigation:


Here don’t worry at all about your external website links as they will be autonomously consolidated along with the mobile version of your site. All you need to make sure is that the canonical tags of your website are attached well in your website code which ensures the external links are counted as mobile pages of your site.

And for the internal links of your website, here you only need to verify whether all the important links still exist or not after the procedure of switching to the mobile version of your site by Google. For example, it may have skipped the secondary navigation system used for locating your user just for saving space. What exactly has changed here?


Internal Linking checker tool


Here you would like to check what changes have taken place with your website issue which you surely want to start by checking the tags like Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, Meta Robots Tags, Canonical Tags, Hreflang Tags, Alt Text on Images, and Structured Data as well.

Further, you are required to check:




If you are having an m-dot version site then you are definitely required to check whether the robots.txt sub-domain has any kind of different rules for this file or not. And for doing this instantly, here you can directly type and in the address bar and then analyze the difference between the two links. If it seems difficult to you then simply copy and paste both these URLs into any of the text Text Comparison Tool.

Moreover, you will also want to perfectly crawl your other website elements like JavaScript, CSS, and images as well.




Based on the mobile version of your site, Google will autonomously calculate your Page speed. And for manually checking the speed of your webpage, you can directly go to the Further, various sites are using the same kind of menu options in the mobile version which they earlier were using in the desktop version. All these things could certainly affect your website ranking because they might update the Google Page Rank algorithm for your site.




So, from all the above discussion, here we truly wish that your website version is already switched for mobile-first indexing where you don’t have to take stress regarding the upcoming mandatory ranking and indexing updates by Google. If unfortunately your site is not yet switched for the mobile indexing then you definitely need to be concerned about this and start preparing now for the same while the time is still in your hands. Mobile has become the new normal for people and for that you need to make sure your sites are available on the mobiles.


How Important is SEO for Business Websites

Search engine optimization is low-hanging fruit for any eCommerce website. If you’re building your online business, or we can say running an e-commerce website, then definitely you should utilize SEO to build a strong web presence and to gain new customers for your business which takes it to the next level. This is far more effective especially for e-commerce businesses as the entire business is running online.

When it comes to a business and that too with a website. It’s all about the business’s visibility that matters the most. It’s all about your online presence 24X7 that draws the audience towards your platform.

This is why SEO is crucial for your business. This is why you see a lot of SEO services companies. Bigger firms know the power of SEO. They know what a little investment in SEO can finally lead to.

Search Engine Optimization

Well, if you are unaware of the power of SEO and you don’t have an idea of how important is SEO for any business with a website? Here it is

  • Organic search matters the most in Website Traffic: When it comes to the website’s performance. It is the organic search that is the key to success. It is the critical component of the purchaser’s funnel. Organic search plays a crucial role in getting users to complete the conversion.

It is important to know that Google owns a significantly larger portion of the search market. It owns about 75% of the overall search market. So being highly visible on trusted search engine results like google can make or break your business.

For being visible, quality SEO and a high-quality website are areas you need to focus on.

  • Better user experience: SEO is not all about being visible online. It is a lot more than that. User experience is one among them. With advanced technology and machine learning, Google has learned to interpret a good or bad user experience.

A good user experience is a pivotal element in the success of a website. The thing is customers know what they want. They visit a website for a specific reason. If you make it easy for them to find what they are looking for or if you are able to provide them instantly with the demanded material, your task is accomplished.

But if at any stage you fail to do so. You will lose a chance to impress your customers. That’s why Google pays attention to search engine result pages (SERPs). It is one of the best ways to serve users with required information in fewer clicks, quickly and easily.

  • Conversions: With the growth of mobile traffic at an alarming rate, local search has become a fundamental of both small as well as medium-scale businesses.

This is where local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help you a lot. It is all about optimizing your digital properties for a specific vicinity. It is one of the easiest ways through which people can find you easily and quickly.

It puts you one step closer to an engagement that can ultimately lead to conversion. Local optimizations focus on specific towns, cities, regions, and even states. This is to establish a medium for your brand to show presence on a local level.

This all can be done via SEO. It is about optimizing the business website, its content, local citations, backlinks, and local listing relevant to the location and business sector, your brand belongs to.

  • Builds Trust and Credibility: When it comes to a professional e-commerce website, the SEO service company tries to establish a strong foundation for a website with a clean and effective user experience.

It is done with the purpose of earning trust and credibility. They took several factors into account for this. They go with quality backlink profiles, positive user behavior, machine-learning signals, optimization of on-page elements, and content.

But you need to take care that this trust and credibility can’t be built overnight. It will take both time and continuous effort. But once this is built successfully your customers are not going to leave your platform easily to your competitors.

  • Brings new opportunities: When it comes to business, there are many ups and downs. As a result, some are able to survive but most of the owners aren’t able to rise.


High-quality SEO will let you find a means of discovering and leveraging new opportunities for a brand. It will not only help in making a brand discoverable but will make it capable enough to shine.

When you go with quality SEO, it is all about truly marketing a brand with the passion and understanding that the brands,s  stakeholders have for it. It is all about attracting investors that are ready to invest in your brand even when your brand is not doing well.


If you own a business with a website, it is crucial for you to know the power of SEO. You must be aware of the role of SEO in attracting an audience to your platform. You should know how to use SEO to get the conversions that you want. This will not only help you to take your business to the next level but also helps you in attaining stability in the competitive market. Now why it is so important is told to you here.

Zfloos API Integration with E-Commerce

Zfloos API Integration with E-Commerce

Zfloos is the most recently developed Payment Gateway created for providing a one stop solution for your E-Commerce Transactions .It is provided with an easy to use Dashboard and the integration Mechanism and is most commonly being used with the E-Commerce Platforms. i.e Prestashop, WordPress, Magento Likewise.

Dashboard of the Zfloos looks similar to the attached screenshot

zFloos Dashboard


You can integrate the payment gateway in different manners with your E-Commerce store

Steps for the integration of Zfloos with your Magento 2 E-Commerce Cart :

#) Create and Account on the by following the Register Button on the top Right
#) You need to verify you email address to become a verified member of it .
#) once you logged in, you need to go the settings area
#) you need to go to API Payments after it and than need to click on the generate button to generate your Token keys.

zFloos settings

#) you can than use this token key in order to link your Magento2 Store with your Zfloos Account

If Zfloos Integration to your website is still a problem, you can click here and our expert support team will be in touch with you asap.