Five Creative Lead Generation Ideas that You Must Try


Lead generation has become a crucial aspect that can aid marketing efforts. A successful lead generation campaign can earn a huge profit for the organization.

There are a lot of lead generation ideas that can work for the benefit of the organization. But you cannot go and try those ideas one by one. You are required to have a selected and creative lead generation idea that can bring you success.

To help you more with this, let us discuss five creative lead generation ideas that you must try.

  1. Create helpful videos: Visual aiding is best known for its success in making people understand your message. Helpful videos are effective solutions to various problems from potential customers. They are both entertaining and easily digestible.

    Moreover, it gave them practical solutions to work upon. You can use this factor to your advantage and offer the audience an easy and effective way to trust your business. There are a lot of video-hosting platforms that offer a series of educational videos for companies that need assistance for shooting their own videos.

  2. Use the SEO power of customer reviews: When it comes to organic search, there is no match to review platforms. You can use this opportunity to expand your brand visibility on a global level. It will help your business to get noticed by potential audiences.

    What you need to do, is to encourage your users to leave reviews on third-party platforms that have a strong SEO base. This will increase your chances to be found by qualified prospects. This will also help you in getting a distinction from your competitors in high-valued keyword searches.

  3. Create a spreadsheet: It is good to compile a spreadsheet of resources. It makes it easy to see the value when someone else does it for you.

    The thing is, people have different preferences about how they like to consume content. Now when you make the information easily accessible to the audience, it will provide you with a highly valuable piece of content that generates more leads.

  4. Use an interactive quiz or tool: One of the best techniques to learn more about visitors is to offer them a quiz. This will help you to easily get their contact information. The idea behind this strategy is to motivate users to provide the required information by offering them benefits.

    If you want this technique to be more effective, you can offer giveaways. Giveaways are one of the most effective techniques to get a solid lead generation.

    You can also take the help of free online tools. These tools will help you to grade websites against key metrics. These will also let you discover ways to improve your websites.

  5. Create a worksheet: There are several tasks in a business that requires a worksheet to work effectively. You can take advantage of this by offering people an opportunity to fill the worksheet. You can trade the worksheet for an opt-in. This will generate a positive and trusted relationship with prospects.

    Moreover, In a spreadsheet, readers can easily find resources that will help to establish the goals of an organization. It will also make it easier to identify and track your team’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

    Conclusion: Lead generation plays a crucial role in the expansion of a business on a global scale. This is the reason why marketers put hard efforts to draw maximum benefits. There are a lot of lead generation ideas that can boost your marketing campaign. But if you want to play a safe game, you are required to have workable ideas. To make it easier for you, we have presented you with the top 5 lead generation ideas in this resolute dossier.




















8 Important 2019 SEO Trends You Need to Know

New Year brings in new trends in the field of Search engine optimization services which we personally think that every SEO expert must be aware of so as to bring the best out of the search results for the website. If you are not that good with dealing the SEO services then not an issue with the help of this article we will enlighten you up with some of the most trending SEO trends which might help you to surge up the popularity of your website in the upcoming year!

So tighten up your seat belt and learn some of the most innovative trends which you can utilize so as to give a head start to your website in 2019!

  • Search intent and optimization
    Search intent and optimization is becoming the catchiest thing which everyone wants to bring into their website techniques as it is one of the most in trend strategy followed by many professionals. No doubt because of this trend the importance of keywords is talking a back step but this strategy is for sure changing a way of search optimization.
  • Create extra-ordinary way of presentation
    Creating a unique and informative content not only helps your website to gain popularity among new clients but also gives an opportunity to the old clients to revisit your page on the regular basis. To make your content look more attractive experts have started to add videos, animations, images to the content which eventually helps to give a boost up to your website.
  • Investing in technical SEO
    Website will continue to grow at a faster pace to provide its customers a best user interface and experience. By keeping in mind some of the technical features of SEO like that of the speed of the website and some of the progressive application will not only help you to enhance the popularity of your website but will also help top main your clients.
  • Voice Search
    This feature is not a new feature to you anymore! Technology is evolving and so is the world of SEO where voice search is acting like a revolution. This is one of the most convenient features for people who face difficulty in typing. There are the numbers of artificial intelligence assistants available in the industry for an instance Siri, Cortana and Alexa are some of the most commonly used ones.

    Professionals must work on optimizations of conversational keywords which will help this feature to reach to its great potential.

  • Video Keywords
    People have started to use this strategy of researching the keywords through videos. While you are creating your video and seeking some or the other opportunity to gain popularity in the content then this might be the best option for you. In fact, usage of hashtags in the descriptions helps to extract much of the information.
  • Surging Up social media indexing
    Content marketing and SEO both of them go hand in hand and both of these techniques will for sure become the next most trending techniques in 2019. The main reason behind this is that in the upcoming year content marketing will hold utmost importance so as to rank better on search engines.

    So, get ready to enhance the quality of your content as it will be one of the hot cakes in the upcoming year!

  • Try to understand your targeted audiences
    It is very crucial for a company to understand the type of audience they are intending to target to as if their business is not reaching to the relevant audience, it may just become a piece of cake which no one is interested into. So boost up your research work and get the best audiences.
  • Work on more of quality content
    Quality content is what everyone seeks for! Providing your users with a good and informative content that can trust on is really a cherry on the cake. Never try to stuff up your content with the keywords as it will affect your rankings. Try to be as informative as you can with your content!
  • Wrapping up!
    There may be numerous tips and trick to achieve the best Search engine optimization services but the using the above-discussed trend will for sure help your website to reach to its potential in the upcoming year!

Key points to consider in Web Development that will dominate in 2019

Talking about web development, every company is bound to experience some of the other changes within some span of time either a total change or an update, it may vary accordingly! Such changes much in common and also in trend because of which, the interest of the existing as well as of new customers is always on the high note and trusts me this constant trend will be continued even in the upcoming year 2019!

People are now making themselves more aware of the fact that how crucial it is to get the updates done in order to stay in the race with the other competitors which can be only done through intelligent yet creative CMS website development services. Producing informative content is important as it initiates your existing as well as new customers to engage more with your website which eventually helps in surging up the number of your audience.

Though it can be tough for a business to cope up with constant updates and improvements yet they need to do some of the other things to keep up the pace.

So, further discussed are some of the key points which one must consider in their upcoming year these features are already in trend and will continue to be.

  • Brilliant Chat Bots
    Chat bots are started to know as intelligent bots as they give the customers a path through which they can convey their messages to the support system directly, in fact, they act as if you are directly talking to the customer care executive. The advantages of using chat bots not only end here, in fact, they even provide the customers the best offers and solutions that they can.

    Moreover, in the coming year, it has also been predicted that chat bots are going to be the hot cake of the industry as they are very good in conversations!

  • Motion User Interface
    Companies are now opting a way where they can give simple yet mesmerizing interface of the website which is both informative and user-friendly. It is an important aspect for the companies to bring in such a useful feature as it helps their clients to understand what they have to offer to them. Good convincing images, gif’s acts as an add-on in engaging the existing customers and to fetch new clients as well.

    This budding technique is in trend but in the upcoming year, it will for sure be a necessity for every website as it helps to fetch more of revenue after all!

  • Creative and Enriched Website Designs
    Though a website must be informative and simple the addition of bit graphics won’t put the website to any harm! In recent years, it has been observed that there is a slight inclination towards the addition of animation, cartoon, images, and videos to the website with a vibrant usage of color schemes. This kind of approach makes the customers mentally attached to the website eventually making them curious to know more about your services.

    This trend will for sure take a huge leap in the upcoming year 2019 so, start adding different graphics to your website!

  • Mobile approach
    According to the research, it has been observed that almost 4 hours of every day are spent by a person using their mobile phone, so it always suggested for the companies to go for a mobile approach as well as it helps the clients to view your website on their Smartphone.
  • Push Notification
    Push notifications are much in trend thing which is being used by almost every company; push notification has started to replace the emails as well. These notifications do act as an add-on for both the ends may it for the users or for the manufactures.

These key points of CMS website development services are already in trend, but in the near future, these will be considered as a necessity for every website. So, it is better that you start to integrate them as soon as possible!

15 PPC Campaign Tactics to Improve ROI

PPC is also known as pay per click is the solution to most of the online campaigns, and yes it is often over expensive yet overwhelming. If you are facing the monotonous nature with much of the time to run a PPC campaign may it be successful or unsuccessful, then trust me you are not only one in this race. Furthermore, if you are having a really good ROI then trust me it makes it all worth!

Talking about the online tools, pay per click is the most effective tool when it comes to the online marketing. Comparing in terms of social media, content marketing or search engine optimization, PPC out of all has the potential to get an instantaneous boost up in terms of traffic and conversions. But as everything has some pros and cons so does pay per click campaigns

Let’s begin with top 15 PPC Campaign Tactics to improve your ROI and finally making this process fruitful for everyone.

  • Relevant keyword
    While you start with pay per click advertisements, it’s necessary for you to bid on some of the matching keywords for the ads. It’s hard to tell how effective it turns out to be, because even this depends upon a number of factors, but the main factor to bid on the relevant keyword.

    Talk about Google Ad words, it is such a convenient tool as it helps the users by suggesting with other keywords also.

  • Value based approach
    After you choose the relevant keyword the other thing that is important is to work on it details and the descriptions of the things that you are offering, let the original advertisement grab the value based approach. So rather than depicting the information about the services isn’t it a good idea to explain the benefits about the services which will eventually help you to bloom out the conversations and improve your impression upon your audiences.
  • Call to action
    Finishing your ads with a call to action button can be very useful. Keep in mind to put the advantages about the services and how can it benefit the audiences. In a layman language show your audiences how your services can be useful for them.
  • Targeted audiences
    What do you do before you popularize your ads; you create an awareness and interest among the people and this is what most of the PPC campaigns look out for.
  • Start to bid on brands
    People have suggested that you shouldn’t be bidding on the branded keywords ,of course you shouldn‘t be doing it for your own brand, because if people do know about your website they can directly visit it, but in case if you are providing services for other brands also they should be considering this point.
  • Long keyword are more specific
    Sticking up with short keywords is what everyone does! But choosing long keywords helps you to be more specific!
  • Choose Quality over quantity
    Considering about the PPC platforms it’s not always about how much you are willing to spend, but what matters the most is how good the quality of your ads is. Try to increase the quality score by eliminating the irrelevant keywords.
  • Ad groups are the main anchors
    If you want to have good quality scores, then you must work on the relevance of your ad groups which could fit into their specific purposes. For all the narrow targets ad groups are the best as it helps to give a broader range of keywords.
  • Cut on the clicks which is not useful
    You must have come across the fact that many irrelevant crowds are coming across your ads which seems to be wastage, so in that case you can use negative keyword modifiers as it makes sure that your ads are not getting wasted.
  • Be selective- who is watching your Ads
    People at times click on the ads which are totally irrelevant and who don’t even have any intentions to use your services. There are many cases termed under “click fraud” in which people tends to click on their rivals PPS ads, so that they can spend more money without getting anything in return.
  • Different Ad groups for the cell phones
    Try to create PPC ads for the mobile users also as they provide you with an advantage of adding videos and images. You can even weigh ad bids for all the mobile users.
  • Be regional
    We already know how using local keywords can help you get the most effective audiences. Setting geographic parameters helps people to view the ads that are nearby to that specific location.
  • Work on timings
    Time is money! We know this thing very well that how audiences react differently from time to time. Some might be busy in morning, some at night or maybe people are spending more time on Saturday, so time does matter and vary accordingly to every person.
  • Landing pages are also important
    Don’t waste your penny on ads which are for specific products because at the end it may only lead the audience to your homepage.
  • Copy must be appropriate for the page
    To get going with this point you must match the original content as well as the web titles .You can also add naturally fitting when it comes to the keywords as that will lead the user to the advertisement right in the first place.

The more efforts you put into this field, the more result you will be getting out of it. I hope these PPC campaign tactics will help you to get ahead start in improving your ROl.

Google Cache Server 404 Internal Issue has been Resolved

John Mueller the senior webmaster trend analyst from Google conveyed it on Reddit that just in case if your cache link on Google is returning you with a 404 error, then it’s nothing as such for you to get worried about the rankings because it won’t be affecting your rankings on Google. He said that “Google Cache Server 404 Internal Issue “can happen and it doesn’t mean anything serious!

So, if you are still worrying about your page being de indexed or about the drop in your ranking, they free up your mind because Google, it’s nothing for you to be concerned about! The issues which people were concerned about the Google Cache Server 404 Internal Issue is subjected only with the Google cache server, which eventually won’t be reflected either on indexing or the rankings of your web pages.

Google’s senior webmaster trend analyst also shared that in the past, all those pages that never had a cache link attached to it are not, by default, as the main reason behind the error was the lower quality.

The issues on the Google web page cache can be easily found out by the index coverage problems or by using any of the URL inspection tools. But it is always a good option to be extra cautious about the rankings of your page, as no one can afford to affect their Google SEO’s web pages, especially in the context of the rankings in the search results so as to get rid of bad effect or the bad impact on your website. So as mentioned John Mueller it is not more a thing you should get depressed about!

It was before this, that everyone used to suffer from this problem which at that point was huge! But after analyzing this issue thoroughly that outcome was quite clear, the problem is not that enlarged because after all ,what we want is to safeguard the ranking of our website !In fact, even Google search engine is also not penalizing this error ,which makes us quite clear that we are in the safer situation right now!

While you check the very first thing that you must be considering is that what sort of error or issue your webmaster tool is depicting in front of you in your search console regarding your website and after you get to know that it’s always a better option to try to solve it on our own.

While you check the very first thing that you must be considering is that what sort of error or issue your webmaster tool is depicting in front of you in your search console regarding your website and after you get to know that it’s always a better option to try to solve it on our own.

After going through the various statements it’s pretty sure that if you are facing with “Google Cache Server 404 Internal Issue” then it’s nothing for you to get worried about as it won’t be affecting the ranking of your webpage!

How to use Instagram for Shopify to grow your sale Channel

The popularity of instagram has escalated over the past some years, and trust me it not going to slow down any soon. Instagram has evolved a lot in the past few years by introducing most of the new features like brilliant photo filters etc at a fast rate making it more profitable for merchants and other users.

Instagram’s budding popularity, huge user engagement and ease in integrations with all the e commerce platforms makes it one of the most censorious marketing and sales tool for your business with a lot of potential to get you the first class sale. As instagram is one of the highest foresee sales channels for merchants it provides you with a super occupied user base and product friendly feeds from people all around.

Let’s talk about ecommerce!
If merchants want to keep their customers engaged, they need to keep up with them, and using instagram as one of the helping hands will only be add on to their brand. Instagram has shoved off all the limits by integrating new and different applications with an out bursting infrastructure, allowing the brand to reach to its relevant customers.

Let’s analyze how your business can be benefited from instagram!

But first of all!

Why to use instagram for sales and marketing?
Instagram has become a major part for many ecommerce business campaigns as it has a humongous audience who are very much happy to engage themselves with new brands and resulting in more of the overall customer engagement. People are happily following and buying different brands on instagram which is considered to be a huge success. Isn’t it!

“Swipe Up” links are also considered to be a huge success as it helps to directly deviate the traffic to your website, which was considered to be a tough job for other platforms. Platform like these keeps on expanding making markets more valuable, especially if you have a strong visual appeal of the product.

Optimize your instagram profile
The basics are very simple like setting up your profile, fill your details, use a keyword optimization in your descriptions and upload a logo and its ready to be used. But apart from this instagram has introduced some more features that can bring you great profits to your business profiles! Include some of the following to get a head start

  • Clickable-hash tags
    Focussing on adding the branded hash tags would help you get the relevant customers, add some clickable hash tags to your profile descriptions.
  • Clickable links
    Add clickable links to other profiles in your profile is one of the options! You can use direct traffic if you do have other similar profiles. Clickable links can also be used to deviate people to your profile that fits well with your brand.
  • Highlighting your story
    By highlighting your story you can add your expired story to your profile which can be easily viewed by the traffic. These feed helps your profile to show the key contents of your brand.

Regular posting of the content
You must post your content few times a day. If you are posting it with in a gap of 2 hours, then also it is a good habit! Posting good image content can be exceptionally beneficial for your sales. Select your time to post for your specific customers. But keep in mind to test the results before you move forward.

Authenticity Matters
It’s a great platform to show your creative side. Inculcate different pictures and videos to tell everyone about your brand and the product.

Tips for photos
Don’t be hasty about how to get customer’s attention! All you can do is to water mark your images with your own domain name. While uploading images never ever put your water mark in the corners as they can be cropped while you upload them . Take a look before uploading!

Go Live
Broadcast your stories from your device to engage your followers in the real time, Host contests about various topics to keep your users engaged and influence them to participate in your work! Once your live broadcasting is over, you can easily put that into your highlighted story to be viewed!

Final words!
Instagram is a platform that every entrepreneur should be adding to their marketing techniques just in case if they haven’t still applied it as it is one of the entertaining and eye catching platform! Embrace different features of instagram and use it as it will only benefit your business. All you need is to post content regularly for all kinds of customers so as to engage all of your audience. It must be quite a job, but after the results will blow your mind away!
Can I do it for You ?

Watch Out 2018 , Hacker May Be Looking To Sneak In Your WordPress Website . Here Are Some Tips To Make You Site Secure

Is your website getting hacked? Do you want to know how to recover hacked WordPress website?

WordPress is the most popular and powerful Content Management system to create websites, that’s why it is heavily targeted by hackers, because of its popularity WordPress is target of Hackers looking to take over pieces of your site for their own benefit.

So the most common WordPress errors and the Fix are as follows:

Before updating your next post on WordPress make sure you have read out all the errors of WordPress here with the solutions.

The Problem: Syntax Error

The Fix: The parse error syntax error in WordPress isn’t a common error, and it typically occurs through a mistake made by the user. Syntax errors are connected with code omission or wrong code syntax. When any unexpected thing found in the code, you can see this type of phrase error with the location and the line number of the script where the error occurred:

Phrase error-syntax error, unexpected $end in

/public_html/site1/wp-content/themes/my-theme/functions.php on line 278

Often missing curly bracket, missing a semicolon at the end of an individual line or some unexpected character in the code causes a syntax error.

A better way is to check locally before updating it to a live website. Taking a backup of websites before implementing any changes are the best to deal.

The Problem: Internal Server Error

The Fix: Often you will see an error that reads “Internal Server Error” or “500 Internal Server Error”. this most confusing WordPress error is catchall error messages that signify some problem with your server.

Possibilities of causing this error are wide and there is no indication where you should check for the error. Here are some of the methods to fix this issue.

  • The corrupted.htaccess file can be one of the reasons of internal server error. Login to your website using FTP and by renaming your .htaccess_old. After renaming the file, try to reload your website to confirm if the issue has been solved. If the problem has been solved then visit Setting>Permalinks and reset your permalinks. This will create a new.htaccess file for you.
  • Sometimes there can be a plugin issue. So deactivate all the plugins to check if the issue was caused due to plugin. So, it’s better to deactivate all the plugins at once to find out which plugin is causing trouble. Further, you can activate each plugin one by one to see which plugin was responsible for the issue.
  • Increase the PHP memory limit as insufficient memory can be one the reason behind internal syntax errors. The way through which you can increase the limit of the available memory is: open the file using FTP and add the following line define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIt’,’128M’)
  • If it still causes issues and you are unable to figure out then it’s wise to re-upload the core files, which are in the folders named WP-includes and WP-admin. It might fix your problem if it’s related to the core files.
  • Call your host provider to help you out if all the above mentioned methods failed to solve the issue.

The Problem: Establishing a Database Connection Error

The Fix: There are few reasons when the database does not respond or login credentials refuses to connect to a database. These issues are often being experienced by various WordPress development companies.

Methods to solve includes

Checking your database login details.

Checking wp-config.php file containing all the login details that are required to make a connection such as the database name, username,password and server. Make sure that your database credentials match with the credentials that are within cPanel. If the credentials are same then add a line of code by defining(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’,true);into wp-config.php file, Access http://www.yoursite.som/wp-admin/maint/repair.php to check the settings. Once you are done, be sure to remove the line from wp-config.php.

The Problem: White Screen

The Fix: The plain white screen with no message that appears in the screen is for WordPress users while blue screen is for Windows user. This means nothing and you have no clue where to look and what to fix. The fix of this issue is:

  • Insufficient memory limit can be one of the reason behind it. Make sure you have increased the memory space.
  • Turn of all plugins
  • As theme can also be responsible for the issue, so try to switch your theme to the default theme to solve the issue.
  • Change the debug mode from false to true. As it displays output warnings, error etc. These can turn to help you identify the exact hitch.

Shopify Vs Magento: Which Should You Go For?

Location, as we know, have always played a major role in determining the success of any company. Nobody wants to set their shop in a schedule area devoid of any consumers. Similar logic applies while you try to set an online store but with a minor difference, you have to choose an e-commerce platform rather than an actual location.

Choosing an e-commerce platform may appear to be a minor difference but in no way, it is to be mistaken as a minor problem. What’s the point of establishing a nice looking online store brimming to the top with a variety of products where customers cannot find you. It gets tougher due to the vast majority of options available. To pick from.

But if you look at things more closely, you will realize that there are very few platforms on top such as WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Big Cartel etc. Among which the main competition is between two e-commerce giants namely Magento and Shopify. Let’s learn a bit about them.

Shopify and Magento are both systems that allow you to operate and manage an e-commerce website. They are both extremely well known, and they both work wonders while some online stores prefer to use Shopify, and some prefer to use Magento.

  • Product features

    When it comes to product features, both Shopify and Magento allow you to load products and photos, manage orders, manage inventory, and complete a sales cycle.

    However, Magento offers a stronger system for discounting and marketing promotions, and has better starter features, as Shopify comes with lighter features.

    While some merchants want as many starter features as possible, some prefer Shopify because a lighter software means that it can be more efficient, the website will be faster, and there will be less ways to mess something up in the backend. Although, Shopify may be lighter, there are more than enough features to keep your website on par.

  • Web Design

    It’s undeniable that Shopify offers stellar templates, and best of all, they are free. Not only are they free, but they are very easy to use for someone with no technical background. They are great for small businesses that are on limited budgets and cannot hire a full team of designers and technical architects.

    While Magento also offers free themes, the design is barely comparable to whta Shopify offers for free. Comparing next to each other, the Magento themes can often be dull and less creative.

  • Integrations

    Both Shopify and Magento are flooded with both free, and paid integrations and add-on’s. surely, whether you’re looking for an extension to boost your website’s SEO, or you need shipping support, you won’t have trouble while looking for an extension.

    Since Shopify comes less immersed with features, you may have no option than to purchase an extension. Some of the extensions you may be forced to purchase, com free as a standard feature in the Magento platform. For an example, the ability to set up on-page checkout is a feature that must be purchased on Shopify, but comes out of the box with Magento.

  • Payment Processing

    Shopify integrates with over 70 different processors, including the widely used Braintree, and PayPal. With 70 different payment processors, you will probably be able to use your current processor, and if not, it won’t be difficult to find a new one.

    Magento also integrates with processors, but it offers one-page checkout for free, in which Shopify does not offer. This is an important feature, and can make the difference between a customer abandoning the cart, and the customer making a large purchase.

Some major differnce between Shopify and Magento

The major difference between Shopify and Magento is in their accessibility and design capabilities. The ease of use for each platform differs; Shopify is easier to use, but once ou get over the implementation and learning curve of Magento, it also becomes easier to use.

Magento is sometimes ideal for mid-size to large businesses because of its scalability and out of the box features. However, if you’re small to mid-size company, and looking for a user-friendly shopping cart with an outstanding design, than Shopify can be a better fit for your e-commerce website.


Shopify a True Dropship Solution

Shopify – the leading e commerce platform is the perfect solution for building your own independent storefront. This is especially true when it comes to drop shipping.if you are a drop shipper, chances are your product cost is much higher and your potential costs are lower in comparison to wholesalers. With an enormous app store and app developers, Shopify is eliminating the disadvantages and creating significant advantages in terms of sales, marketing, and store management of drop shipping businesses.

With the passage of time there are new innovations being noticed in every field. There are various methods that have made things simpler. The same has been the case with business. The upcoming methods, techniques and the unique ways of carrying the business materialize it in an easy way.

What is dropship?
In this context, dropshipping is a recent term that is being used these days in context to it. It is basically a method through which a business can be done by supply supervision chain. In this, the retailer makes available the brochures; catalogues etc on the store and do not maintain the stock in physical form. As and when the client makes the order for the product from these brochures or catalogues, the retailer directly channelizes the delivery of the product from the whole seller to the client. The goods are directly delivered at client’s address.

What do you need to get started?
The only thing you really need to get started is some way of marketing the products. The internet is the obvious choice, but you could also consider advertising door to door or distributing catalogues. Obviously, marketing door to door or via the local papers is going to require a budget, where as starting a website and advertising online is incredibly cheap.

Why Would I Start Dropshipping on Shopify?
Dropshipping is the perfect business model for entrepreneurs who are looking to set up their own business with little up-front investment, and Shopify is the simplest platform which you can use to create and run your store.
When you dropship on Shopify you’ll never need to worry about excess inventory, as you’ll only ever order the necessary amount of products to meet the demand from your customers. This system is unlike a typical ecommerce business, which involve purchasing products from a wholesaler in bulk and committing to those products until they’re sold. If you’re dropshipping you’ll be able to switch products in just a few clicks.
If you are not satisfied with Shopify on your radar, then there are numerous alternative available, for example, BigCommerce.
Edlucidating it further, the real realm of some of the most renowned sites online comes from the services provided by Oberlo – a tool that allows its users to easily import the products directly from the supplier into your Shopify store and then shipping it directly to their customers within few clicks. As someone who’s actually played around in the e-commerce space and has used the tool knows that, it had great impact while importing products and managing inventory with much ease.
However, there are various applications apart from Oberlo that makes selling through a Shopify store easier and more effective.

The future of e-commerce
For businesses and brands that haven’t adjusted yet, it’s no longer a question of if and when they will need to get their business online, it’s simply a matter of when. The same holds true for any entrepreneurs or would-be e-commerce site owners looking to get into the game.
Online shopping and e-commerce are here to stay. Just make sure your business and brand are adapting along with it.

Not getting sales from your online store. Problem and Solutions

There’s nothing worse than investing lots of time and effort into creating your new website only to find that hardly anyone visits it and that no one buys our products. The products and services you’re offering are of good quality, but something still turns visitors away.

Why Don’t People Buy from Your Website?

To grow your sales, you need to encourage visits from all popular sites. Developing a web presence online can increase your store traffic considerably, boost your sales, and grow your business. You can achieve the goal by creating useful content for your potential buyers in many places, as well as other free sites on the web.

In order for your customers to purchase something from your online store, you need to ensure that their experience is smooth from start to finish. There are a lot of things that can go wrong even before visitors reach the checkout and some of the major queries are:

Problem 1 : Is your website secure?

Solution : Internet security has always remained a major concern with online consumers and these concerns are periodically reinforced with high profile Internet fraud news stories. Even though Security has come a long way, with strong encryption becoming the norm, security is still a matter of concern with online consumers.

Settle on an e commerce platform that utilizes strong encryption for payment processing and consumer data retention. Your website host play an important role in securing your website. Ask your hosting provider about the security system at the data center that physically hosts the consumer data. As well, ensure that hosting facility has proper disaster recovery procedures, servers are backed up daily, back-ups are periodically stored off site in case of physical disaster.

Importantly, all the above measures need to be communicated to the consumers to gain their trust. Generally online shoppers are aware these days to look for a small lock and https:// in the address bar to ensure security before going ahead with online transaction. In addition, an important way to gain consumers trust is to have a prominently displayed Contact us page with phone number and physical mailing address. Consumers will be confident that they can contact you in case of any incident while shopping online on your website.

Problem 2 : Is your Checkout process simple enough?

Solution : Almost 50% of consumers abandon the checkout process. Studies show that the top reasons for abandoning the checkout process are: Registration required to buy, Product was out of stock, Hidden charges at checkout, customers were there for just price comparison, and No time to complete the checkout.Possibly as an online store owner, it is imperative to take the steps needed to reduce the loss of sales.

Some customers just don’t want to register but want to make purchase. Though for marketing purpose it is good to have customer’s data for future promotions, Your online store should have option of guest checkout in case user doesn’t want to register. For already registered customers, platform should auto fill most of the checkout details like billing and shipping information with a provision for user to override it.

Problem 3 : Can your customer find the product they have been looking for ?

Solution : The e commerce platform should track stock and match sales to stock. If the e commerce platform’s stock tracking function detects a product has sold out, the online store can either flag the item as out of stock for the consumer or doesn’t show the product on website.

Ensure that the e commerce platform always displays the running total of purchases prominently with all overheads so that it’s not a shock for customer to see those hidden charges only at checkout.

Some effective ways to increase traffic to your web store:

  • Newsletters/ e-mailers:

    Sending out newsletters/ e-mailers on a regular basis is a great way to keep your subscribers informed about your new products. Newsletters/ e-mailers help you connect with new customers and build a relationship with your existing ones.

  • Publish quality content:

    By constantly updating their algorithms, search engines have made sure that quality content gets rewarded. So don’t go copying and pasting manufacturers’ product descriptions. Revise it or write it new and publish it in your store. You can surely see a significant difference in your search engine ranking and therefore in traffic. You can also have a blog or article section within your site. This space can be used to publish content that provides users with useful tips about the products and services you are selling.

  • Pay Per Click:

    Pay Per Click is another great way to pull more traffic to your e commerce website. This method has a cost associated with it. However, it is a quick way to bring some initial traffic to your store. If you are planning to run pay per click campaigns, it would be better to seek the help of an agency and keep aside a few bucks to run the campaign.

  • Share your content in social media sites:

    Social media sites have enabled us to reach a large audience. You can start promoting your store and products in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by setting up a profile in your business name. Once the profile is ready, you can start posting blogs and articles that your customers may find useful. You can tweet regularly or get your fans to use the Facebook “like” feature to tell their friends about your e commerce store and the products featured in it.

  • Encourage user interaction:

    Introducing reviews or allowing users to write reviews or blog posts is another great way to make your customers come back and make repeat purchases.

  • Don’t ignore coupon sites:

    Coupon sites are another great way to make your target audience visit your e commerce store and make purchases. If you have a compelling deal to offer, users are more likely to visit your e commerce store to grab the great deal.