Epicor & Magento Integrations

On the off chance that you utilize the Epicor ERP framework in your business you’ll as of now advantage from an answer that can expand efficiency, increment benefit and open new entryways with creative intuition and abnormal state outline, and in case you’re going to head into the online field you’re not going to need to lose that sort of usefulness. That is the place we come in.

Kbizsoft Solutions can fabricate a bespoke internet business website utilizing the Magento stage and will coordinate it with your current Epicor arrangement, giving a solitary purpose of contact over the business and easily consolidating yours on the web and disconnected channels.

With along these lines of working you can anticipate:

Continuous usefulness and moment information trade over all regions

Enhanced stock administration with naturally redesigned stock levels

Better client benefit with naturally held points of interest and the alternative to track buys and hence enhance advertising center

Time and cost investment funds with the self-sufficient framework decreasing the requirement for manual information

Precise reporting for enhanced business knowledge and showcasing potential outcomes

Profitability, versatility, and aggregate productivity in all cases

There’s a reason we utilize the Magento stage as the beginning stage, as well. Really, there’s few—this system brags completely customizable formats, visual interest, an abnormal state of control, item highlighting, simple route and an easy to understand the plan, and we’ll join SEO-rich substance too with a specific end goal to guarantee you get web search tools intrigued. This level of incorporation can augment your execution more than ever, and it could seriously affect your main concern.

Here at Kbizsoft Solutions we know exactly what it takes to make locales that can have the coveted result, and with our level of involvement in the range, you can be certain that your internet business needs are in great hands.

On the off chance that you need to kick the procedure off then simply contact on email info@kbizsoft.com and we’ll get discourses in progress between each gathering.

Linnwork Development

Linn Systems is a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that enable our retail and manufacturing customers to integrate, manage and optimize their sales processes across hundreds of online channels, including eBay, Amazon, Magento, and BigCommerce.Our mission is to enable entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations to transform their online selling experience by eliminating repetitive manual tasks completely from the selling process.

Are you selling via Amazon or eBay and using multiple couriers? The excessive amounts of paperwork required to fulfil distribution via multiple carriers can be very time consuming, and not cost effective. If your Magento or Linnworks based e-commerce operation is growing to more than 10 parcels per day, you may need to consider using a parcel distribution “buying group” to fulfil dispatching orders via multiple couriers, such as DHL or other Parcel service provider. For example, you may be sending some of your larger products via DHL, or your international deliveries may be handled via FedEx. Using a parcel distribution buying group can make the running of your business much easier, and help you so that you can focus on your Marketing efforts rather than tonnes of pointless paperwork. Using custom and tailored carrier distribution software can help you communicate via your courier when dispatching orders, and a warehouse fulfilment system fused with your Magento software will help things run more smoothly.

Outsourcing a distribution centre is not for every business, however. It helps if you have highly regular orders, and a reliable rate of return. Ensuring various factors such as warehouse output, same day or over night dispatch, packing accuracy and overall point to point and door to door delivery time are in healthy working order is a top priority for any e-commerce business looking to grow via clever fulfillment. A good software team will design you customised e-commerce warehouse software programs, allowing fluidity at the back end of your operation.

The store is only the middle of the material supply chain, but also the center of the application process. Nowhere is more important to have real-time data available.

Warehouse management software is quick and easy to integrate into all aspects of sales channels for customers to transport integration, visibility and data in the call centre.

You can focus on the larger markets on the Internet and the fastest growing in the world with full confidence that the orders are available for you to handle smoothly and spontaneously.

A company’s integration process should be is quick and fluid, and work on all major markets and online stores on the Internet.

Personally I would recommend that the best thing to do is to run an online retailer and manage fulfilment yourself, but the moment that your focus drops off from the most important aspects of running your online retailer, you need to outsource your distribution via a specialised warehouse distribution company. These companies have already achieved economies of scale with online distribution, so why not leverage this in your favour?

Ecommerce fulfilment services designed specifically for eBay and Amazon generally also offer storage, whether you have small parcels to pack and send, or whole pallets. I would recommend using Magento, i2i or Linnworks as a back end system software for your ecommerce fulfilment.

Ecommerce fulfilment has expanded at a rapid rate in the last 10 years, with Tesco now selling over 20% of their produce online, direct from their warehouses.

Many firms using multiple carriers will reach a point in growth where they need to outsource their parcel distribution and packaging operations, or take the risk and invest heavily in a larger warehouse of their own. This will help you achieve cheap parcel delivery rates. Going with a large parcel fulfilment company allows the company to focus on bottom line profit, whilst letting a parcel distribution firm focus on dealing with the mainstream carriers.

Role Of Social Media Marketing In 2018

Is creating and developing a website enough for your business’s Digital Marketing Strategy? or Are you wondering how will you promote your business across the world?


The essentials of Digital Marketing are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Advertising or Paid Marketing, Content Marketing and E-mail Marketing and last but the foremost Social Media Marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is the collection of online communicating channels that allows people or companies to create, share and exchange information with people and build relationships and communities online.

Why do we need Social Media Marketing?

Creating and developing a website is of vital importance for any business. Apart from having a website, you need to expand your online efforts to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. in order to match to a competitive edge. Through social networking sites, companies can keep in touch with every individual followers and companies that do not have active social media accounts risk missing out on numerous marketing opportunities.

The Role of Social Media Marketing

  • Interacting with target market/ audience: 

One of the key role of Social Media Marketing is that it enables you to interact with your targeted audience/ customers. As, going through the tweets and Facebook updates that are posted by your customer base can offer you insights into what you need. And if you inspire your audience to connect with you and help them achieve your goals, then you will be successful.

  • Improve Responsiveness:

Social media facilitates the process of providing and receiving input. If your clients have concerns or issues with what your business offers, they can let you know in a convenient manner. Social media gives customers a convenient and accessible way to express what they feel and gives companies a chance to respond. With such stages, businesses can view complaints and assure their customers that their issues will be managed.

  • Increases Sales:

When you stay in front of your customer base, they are more likely to buy from you. And, Social media marketing not only keep your companies name in front of your target audience, but also gives you the opportunity to give them incentives to buy.

  • Effective Marketing:

The social networking nature of platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter generates interest among followers who are more responsive to them than a blatant marketing approach. You can utilize social media inventively to advertise/publicize your products and services without influencing your clients to feel like they are overwhelmed by your advertising efforts.

  • Affordability:

Managing your social media accounts is a cost-effective way to promote your business by using affordable social media marketing campaigns that strengthen your company’s online visibility.

  • Informative:

Social media is informative as it offers access to what your competition is up to. Moreover, by letting you know what customers are posting online about products and services. This gives you better understanding into the market and different variables that influence your industry.

  • Online Presence:

Social media has gradually evolved into an integral aspect of people’s daily lives. In fact, the statistics indicate that people utilize social media and interact online for their purchasing decisions. With more consumers choosing to make their purchases online, their approach to shopping has drastically changed.

Hence, the above mentioned are few vital points which you need to consider in order to improve the brand value online. As a digitally active brand can easily scale up, with a proper variety of well-defined rules within its proper and holistic variety of defined set of rules.

SEO Checklist For WordPress Website For 2018

Wouldn’t it be great to have a blueprint that you can follow to get first page ranking of your website in Google?

A website, no matter how amazing it may look or how great the content be, isn’t worth if people can’t find or know that it exists. That’s where SEO generates a never ending stream of hype. A well optimized site is much more likely to get recognized through organic search.

And, if your website has been built with WordPress, then you are off to a great start with the optimization process. WordPress is built with SEO in mind and it’s flexible. That means you can built a SEO strategy that meets your particular needs.

Here is a short SEO checklist that explains each step in getting your pages optimized:

  • Keyword Density

Keyword density is the most important factor of checklist, especially since recent Google algorithm updates. Keyword density refers to how many times your keywords appear in your content and is expressed as a percentage. For example, say  optimizing an article for “on-page SEO checklist”, is of 1,000 words long and we mentioned on-page SEO checklist 20 times, then the keyword density would be 2%.

We would not go above 2% anymore! Google can and will penalize you for “keyword stuffed” content.

  • Meta Tags

WordPress makes it very simple to administer Meta Tags. There are 3 simple fields to fill in – using the Simple Meta Tags plugin.

  1. Meta Title – Include your Keywords in here – this will be the main title your visitors see when searching in the search engines – so make it appealing and make it stand out!
  1. Meta Description – Very important. This is a short description of your content your visitor will read in the search engines. Include your keywords and again make it appealing.
  1. Meta Keywords – Make sure you include your keywords. This one is not so important, just reinforces to the search engines about what your page content is based on.
  • Title, URL, Content and Headings Optimizations

Some real simple, quick guidelines:

  1. Make sure that the page title contains your keywords – preferably beginning with them.
  1. Make sure your URL contains your keywords
  1. Bold, Italicize and Underline your keywords on separate occasions
  1. Make sure you have both H2 and H3 titles in the page somewhere with your headings
  • Alternate Text Image Tag

When you insert a picture into WordPress, you have a field option called Alternate Tag Image Text. Make sure to include your keywords in here, if you have multiple images use different iterations of keywords, for example: on-page SEO checklist, checklist for SEO, on-page optimization checklist and so forth.

  • Get a Sitemap

This one doesn’t really apply to optimizing the page you’re working on, but will boost SEO for all your pages, so include this in checklist. Like all things WordPress, there’s a plugin for that – Google XML Sitemaps.This automatically builds and keeps up to date a logical “map” of your website.

It allows the search engines more efficiency in figuring out where all your pages are and leads to more of them being indexed (included) in the search engine results. Further, it creates backlinks into to each of your pages (with hyperlinks that match your page title – which should contain your keywords) – Google loves to see a site with intertwined pages!

  • External Links to Authority Sites

Google loves to see natural content, and natural content usually links to other content – especially authority sites. Authority sites, like WordPress, Yahoo, CNN and even Google itself – is popular, and very high ranked pages. Try to place at least one hyperlink to an authority site.

So, in order to get officially optimized, the combination of the right theme, plugins and content strategy can make your WordPress website fully optimized for search engines. So, whether you

Why One Should Have Website For There Business

It is an expected fact that it is not easy to run a business without a website these days as many buyer go to the internet first when they want to buy any commodity or want to get any service. So, it’s important to get your business known so that it can grow and the best way top get noticed is by having a website.

Websites are an easier and cheaper way to be found on the internet because nowadays everyone has access to an internet connection and a device with a screen. And, marketing has also been easier via internet.

Why is important to have a website?

It’s important to have a website because people constantly look for ways to do new things. And, if your website does not exist, people simply won’t find your business. They will tend to use the business that has a website. After all, to the customers it means that you are serious about your business and are willing to invest in a quality website.

Having a website can also bring more customers to your business. Your website will have a contact page for the customers to get in touch with you directly, so they can ask you about your products and services directly.

Benefits of having a website built:

  • Website build credibility

People who believe that if you don’t have your own business website then you are not trustworthy and dedicated to your business.

  • Websites improves communications

People don’t like the idea of calling you to ask questions or queries, but if they feel that they can use the ‘contact us’ from our website or send you an email, then they will do it.

  • Websites help focus on your business

When people feel that they can read all the information about your company or about you, also your hours of operation then you can avoid a lot of calls to ask those repeated questions over and over, keeping you focus on your business.

  • Websites keep your clients up-to-date with you

Every small business can have a chance to grow by adding extra services and/or opening new locations so without having your business website then your clients have no choice of knowing about your new changes to your business.

Finally, building a website gives you good experience that you can use for the rest of your life. As the world becomes more reliant on the Internet, you will own a skill that you can use to benefit yourself, your business and the lives of other people.