Your Magento Is Outdated And Needs Upgrade

Do you have an eCommerce store that was developed years ago and needs an upgrade from Magento 1 to the latest Magneto 2 version? Or are you searching for a good consultation company that can offer you unparalleled Magento support services?

Whatever it is, Magento has been the most adopted e-commerce platform with over 60,000 customers already using the software. For every successful retail business, maintaining their own online presence is vital and a perfect eCommerce platform is helpful because it enables the owners to grow their business by offering the customers a unique shopping experience.

An eCommerce website often requires a lot of strategy planning before the content of the site is uploaded, which must be interesting and capable of keeping the visitors engaged. Various websites have their own specific needs and accordingly, they need to add specific features to attract the right set of audience at the right time.

  • Get your online store ready fast with customization:

When it comes to creating a perfect online store, what can be better than choosing latest Magento version development? Since your business needs of today will keep changing tomorrow and you will have to cater to your specific needs, going for customized services are best. For this, you can hire reputed software development company offering Magento services and regular maintenance and support to help you keep up with the latest market trends for your business to grow.

  • Add varied features according to your business needs:

Customized web development is nothing new in the business world with technological advancements. Today’s businesses have changed their operations and processes and now they mostly use innovative and upgraded concepts and tools and technology to enhance and promote their business in the dynamic marketplace. Every organization whether big or small is now trying to attain highest revenues using innovative techniques. Magento 2 is one such platform that is highly scalable and the features can easily be customized according to the needs and with this comes the scope for different Magento plugins that helps to add various functionalities.

  • Magento theme customization:

Magento 2 eCommerce development and customization have made online business simple, convenient and comfortable for both the users and the retailers. It is through the theme customization that you can add great features that is sure to make the online portal efficient and smooth from Magento 1, 1.5 and 1.9. Since it is an open source CMS, it allows the developers to add various advanced features that will allow them in expanding and facilitating business on the web.

  • Multiple portal handing:

Another most important aspect of Magento is that it can handle multiple portals and offer a systematic means of browsing products and other related information on the site. It is through single administration panels that you can manage and run various e-stores in a hassle free manner. Magento customization services help your business expand by creating multiple portals and handling them in an efficient manner.

  • Mobile ecommerce:

With a superbly easy and customizable admin, Magento offers complete control to manage product promotions, stocks and many more. It is easy to understand the admin interface and functionality and the possibility to customize and enhance the features is unlimited. Every online store can be uniquely built with functionalities that may not be available in the core Magento 2 structure. You will also find many ready to use Magento extensions available. Customization will also help you to easily adapt to all the major mobile devices and help you to offer a flawless ecommerce shopping experience by using mobile phones and tablets.

  • You can work better with a Magento support service partnership:

For business owners, turning their passion into a business is their ultimate dream. But to fulfil this dream isn’t an easy task, it involves hard work as there are challenges coming up from different corners. Fortunately, online business owners don’t have to go alone. They can easily avail Magento 2 support services from reputed software development companies and increase their chance of success by accessing their expertise and guidance of experienced professionals easily.

Hiring support service provider will allow you to connect with experts who can easily solve your problems and keep your website updated with the latest features and help you build business together. The service providers will take care of all your ecommerce site maintenance needs: that includes security, site updates, development, integrations and much more. The team can help you with the installation, configuration updates, custom development and support services to fit your exact needs.

Magento is not the only best platform in the market that can help you with your eCommerce business. But we believe that it is best when it comes to offering a list of benefits that deliver more than the initial investment. Since the websites are complex and often time consuming to build and even update, it is recommended to use a Magento 2 support agency having the expertise to deliver bespoke web design that will help your business grow.

Struggling In Launching Your First E-Commerce Store!

Struggling in Launching Your First E-Commerce Store!

Are you in the process of starting your own e commerce business? Are you wondering which e-commerce platform would suit the best?

E- commerce has been gaining its momentum over the past few years, as more and more people prefer purchasing goods and products on the internet to traditional shopping. When it comes to choose the e commerce platform to use in order to create your online store, it is important to choose the best e commerce that meets your initial needs, along with it gives you the required functionality to develop.

There are certain issues to bear in mind while choosing the right e commerce platform they are:

  • What kind of e commerce business do you intent to begin?
  • What kind of product are you willing to sell?
  • What software you need?
  • Can the platform scale as my business grows?
  • Will the platform provide a safe, secure, and gratifying shopping experience to my customers?

And, to relieve you of your burden of choice, here’s a list of top trending e commerce platform that can benefit you.

Option 1 : WordPress (WooCommerce)

WordPress is an incredible tool for building a website when you wish to create content-focused website. It is an ideal answer for the individuals who need to assemble their own particular web store. WordPress is in fact, perfect for all aspects of content management be it creating/ editing pages and blog posts.

Benefits of using WordPress for your e commerce store :

  • Easy management – As a browser- based platform, WordPress offers easy and hassle-free site management. You can login from any location or device and manage your business website.
  • Easy-to-use – With numerous plug-ins and an easy-to-use interface, WordPress ensures smooth integrations. Adding blog posts, images, contents, and new pages happen to be quite easy and hassle-free with WordPress.
  • Search-engine friendly – Search engine crawlers find it quite easy to index WordPress sites. Most importantly, WordPress sites ensure precise and comprehensive search engine optimization. The presence of Meta tags, description, keywords, and titles for every image ensures targeted and specific SEO.
  • 100% customizable designs – Choosing WordPress as the platform for offers 100% customizable web designs thus helping you ensure a unique experience for your target audience.
  • Plug-ins for functionality improvement – With unique, amazing, and affordable plug-ins, WordPress creates amazing opportunities for functionality improvement. You can add Twitter feeds, image galleries, Facebook FanBox, and event calendars to your site. Some of these plugins are also available for free.
  • Optimum Scalability – One of the direct benefits of choosing WordPress is scalability. Irrespective of the number of contents added and included by you; WordPress sites will offer optimum functionality along with scalability. The scalability offered by WordPress will make that happen.

Option 2 : Shopify

Deciding to build online store is a great decision and a solid business model. Once you’ve decided on your products to sell, your next big decision is choosing a great e commerce website and Shopify offers one of the best e commerce web development platform. It is perfect for those who want to start their online store quickly and at an affordable price. It is fully hosted platform and you get the flexibility to have full-scale customization.

A reliable and easy to reach customer service is also readily available to assist you for your concerns and immediate needs. With a low monthly fee and a few transaction fees to consider, Shopify is one of the best places to launch your online selling site.

Benefits of using Shopify for your e commerce store :

  • 50 E-Commerce Templates / Store Fronts to Choose From – Shopify has 50 fantastic themes / template styles to choose from. You can also easily customize any theme or template you get to ensure you get the precise look and feel you want for your business.
  • Payment Processing – Shopify makes it super easy to integrate with a credit card gateway and/or Paypal. If you sell digital products – no problem – you can deliver them through an integrated app included with your Shopify subscription.
  • SSL Checkout – You definitely want to offer your customers secure shopping. With all of Shopify’s e-commerce website templates and plans you automatically get to offer secure shopping for your customers with the industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption.
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited – This means if you get a flood of visitors your site won’t shut down. Obviously this is critical to running a successful online e-commerce store.
  • Automatic Back Ups – Shopify backs up your store so you don’t have to be concerned about losing any data.

Option 3 : Magento

 Magento is a an e commerce platform built on open source technology. Magento offers flexible shopping cart system as well as maintains the look, feel and working of this online system seamlessly. Being one of the most popular e commerce platform today , it offers very crucial functionalities that are required today.

Magento is a feature rich eCommerce platform built on open source technology that provides online merchants with unprecedented flexibility and control over the look. Magento is ideal for anyone who is looking to start selling online or to convert an existing eCommerce platform.

Benefits of using Magento for your e commerce store


  • Built For E-commerce – Magento was created primarily to serve e-commerce web development needs considering layered navigation, built-in shopping cart options, wish lists, multi-store and several other features.
  • Flexibility – No matter how small or large your Magento web development project may be, you can quickly build customised solutions that work in sync with your e-commerce business needs owing to the flexibility of Magento platform.
  • Mobile-Friendly – We are living in the mobile-dominated era. And so, your e-commerce site needs to be optimised for the mobile users. Since Magento comes with versatile mobile-friendly features, you don’t need to worry about making your web portal customised to serve mobile users needs.
  • Optimized For Search Engines – Every Magento install comes packed with built-in SEO features. The Magento powered sites are capable of handling huge page traffic, page indexing, duplicate content and so on.
  • Shopping Cart Options – Shopping cart is one of the most indispensable components of any e-commerce site, as it allows users to purchase their desired products from any e-store. With Magento, you do not depend only on third-party shopping cart options and instead can use the built-in carting solutions that allow customers to make purchases from a store.
  • Provide Detailed Reports on Website Performance – Magento helps administer e-commerce sites without much hassle compared to other available e-commerce platforms. This is because detailed reports the platform provide to users regarding their website performance.
  • Offers Plenty of Useful Add-ons – Every Magento installation offers tonnes of add-ons like extensions, templates, marketing tools that helps in developing a fully functional online store. The best part is that you can add any new extension or install a new template without impacting your site’s performance.

Now that you are aware of the ways of launching your e commerce store take time to look at what you simply need to do and consider these factors to make it successful with the right tools and people in place when you get going.